Country Interior Designs: Creating the Perfect Blend of Modern and Rustic Styles

We all love the houses and apartments that, regardless of their style, are able to transmit in some way a cosy and warm rustic atmosphere. We are not talking about a 100% country house (which also attracts us very much), but we refer to the mix of the minimalist / modern / simple or classic with a hospitable and attractive rustic touch.

Wood furniture, wickerwork and jute rugs are some of the typical elements that can help give this country finish in your home, as you can find at But we believe that without a doubt what most helps this, are the wooden floors with rough and natural finishes.

Being creative

You never want to run out of ideas about great ways to decorate and combine styles, and it’s ideal if you can find inspiration to help you create that perfectly balanced interior, incorporating elements of the modern with the bucolic, which is ideal to transmit a bit of the relaxation of the countryside in your city home!

Mixing materials

We love decoration that creates a bohemian atmosphere, but also incorporates a great combination of different materials and styles. On the one hand, for example, walls and floors of exposed cement are typical of the modern and minimalist trend, and on the other hand we can appreciate rustic wooden furniture and rattan lamps which could belong to a more rustic and relaxed style, of times gone by.

It’s also important to subtly reflect a bit of the essence and personality of the owner, through the use of accessories which have personal meaning; rugs, cushions, ornaments, etc.

Blending urban and rural elements

The first thing that will catch the attention of anyone visiting your home will be the interesting mix of styles that it has. On the one hand, you can include objects, furniture and accessories that make it belong to the contemporary urban trends, and on the other hand you can include a bucolic atmosphere full of colours and countryside materials. The result of this fusion of two styles is really striking and beautiful, and motivates many people to look for new and even more creative ways to decorate.

Creating the tranquility we all crave

In addition, large interiors using wood, white and grey colours, together with the perfect composition of old and modern elements, can fill us with a feeling of rustic charm and countryside tranquility while struggling with our, often, hectic modern lives.

Like any lover of interior design, we are constantly reviewing and exploring new and emerging trends, which can provide us with new ideas and inspiration for new and creative interior designs.

Whether it’s minimalist decoration, black and white environments, or spaces with bohemian character, there are numerous fascinating and wonderfully stunning design trends which can inspire you to create your own unique interior to enjoy for many years to come.

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