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Tips for Perfectly Hanging Curtains

Most people think that perfectly hanging their curtains requires little more than a few minutes of time. It is not until they see their finished results that they understand how much work goes into setting up a fabulous window treatment. To hang your curtains in the correct manner, you need a steady hand, several tools of the trade and a good dash of patience.  Curtain rods must be placed so that they are anchored in a straight line, and at just the right height above your windows to give a stunning visual effect. The following tips will aid you in hanging your curtains perfect, each and every time.

Preparing to Hang Your Curtain Rods

Before you can even think about making a mark, you have to be certain that you have all of the tools you’ll need to hang curtains. Whether you are replacing old curtain rods, or preparing to hang a chic set of curtains in your newly acquired pad, a ladder, measuring tape, pencils, stiff paper, magic markers and a level need to be on hand so that you can easily do the job correctly.

Make a note of how long your curtains are so that they hang gracefully, and do not come to rest on the ground. Be prepared to block out around one to two hours to hang a set of curtains and rods for the first time, adding on additional time if you will be hanging curtains and valances or layered drapes.

Measurements, Markings, Leveling and Drilling

A simple measuring tape will allow you to accurately measure and mark where you want your curtains to go. The most difficult part consists of ensuring that your markings are all level, so that your curtains hang at exactly the same height. You guarantee that your curtains hang evenly by utilizing a level, or by making a homemade measuring template. Use a piece of stiff paper and cut a three or four inch square off of the lower right-hand corner. Mark the sides of the paper in one inch increments, then use this tool to mark and measure exactly where you want to hang your curtains. Use a magic marker to draw an easily identifiable dot where you are going to drill a hole to anchor your curtain rods, and have all of the screws, anchors and nails you’ll need to secure your curtains.

Anchoring Your Curtain Rods and Framing Your Windows

Depending on what type of rods and anchors you are using, you might need a hammer, drill or both to get all of the hardware in place. Remember that long curtains look elegant when they’re hung a few inches from the ground, while shorter drapes should be hung at a reasonable distance from the bottom of the window sill.  Curtains also tend to look best when they are hung a few inches beyond the perimeter of the entire window, so that they frame and envelope each window area completely.

Once you have hung a few sets of curtains and rods, you’ll naturally know when everything is in balance. Properly hung curtain rods makes changing panels, valances and looks fast and simple, enabling you to update your interior decorations at any time. Simply measure around the window, and double check that each hole lines up before you anchor a curtain rod and your window treatments will always come out looking spectacular.

Clever Ways to Make Your Ductless HVAC Blend in With Your Décor

If you’ve been toying with the idea of adding a ductless heating and cooling system to your home, but have been put off by the somewhat boring looks of the units themselves, you are not alone. In fact, one of the biggest hurdles the industry has to overcome is how to make the units look more appealing to homeowners. After all, comfort at the cost of beauty is not very comfortable at all.

Luckily, clever home décor experts have come up with several ways you can help diminish the bulky looks of ductless units. Whichever method or methods you choose to employ, remember that to be safe and effective, the units cannot be covered, painted, or blocked by furniture. Also, the higher on the wall they are hung, the more you will enjoy their benefits.

Thoughtful Placement

Sometimes the best way to hide something is in plain sight. Like an Easter egg lying in the grass, a ductless wall unit placed near the ceiling of a large room may not draw the eye as much as you imagine. When hung as if it is resting on a shelf, tucked into an architectural recess, or in the space above a window, you may find that it isn’t noticeable at first glance.

Because ductless units need to be placed high on the wall, you may also consider adding tall pieces of furniture on either side of one, and a shorter piece below it. Just be sure to match the width of the furniture with the width of the heating and cooling unit. Try adding a tall vase or other decorative item to the shorter piece, to create a deliberate focal point.

Color Coordination

If you’ve been reading closely, you know it’s a no-no to paint ductless HVAC units. But, the good news is that they come in a selection of colors, which your industry certified technicians may be able to order for you. So, in the interests of being color coordinated, there is no reason why you can’t buy wall paint to match your unit. For some reason, a blue unit on a blue wall looks better than a white unit on a white wall.

Don’t Forget the Exterior Component

Ductless heating and cooling units don’t work alone. They are part of a system, and the main component is installed outside of your home. It is smaller than a typical furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump, but no more beautiful. How to hide it, while still allowing free air flow and easy access? Consider planting a simple hedge or installing a picket fence around it. The fence can be painted to match your house, or you could plant climbing flowers at its base.

By choosing ductless HVAC units over a traditional heating and cooling system, you can save money on energy costs. Having the units installed in discreet locations throughout your home, or painting your walls to match the units, are two methods that you can use to ensure your home is as beautiful as it is comfortable.

Clean your bathroom in 5 minutes

Keep bathroom cleaning under ideal conditions is not that hard. Actually we do not need more than five minutes to get it clean, shiny and with a wonderful smell. Depending on the number of people living in the house must be cleaned the bathroom with varying frequency. For a normal family is best cleaned every day, if only one or two person cleaning can be spaced every two or three days live. For heavy and big cleaning work high pressure cleaning Perth is working great for you.

This routine kept clean as often as you have suggested will have the bathroom always in perfect condition. So provide for yourselves Alka-Seltzer effervescent antacid or other disinfectants, glass cleaner wipes, a microfiber cloth and a brush and cleaning lanzaos the rumpus.

Minute 1: Take two tablets of Alka-Seltzer effervescent antacid or in the toilet and let it act. This traditional pharmaceutical form used to combat heartburn for many years you can help keep your toilet odor clean, fresh and free. Removes dirty towels and leave them for now in a corner. Collect items that are usually left in any way, anywhere, combs, brushes and more. Take the opportunity to throw the soap scum and empty containers.

Minute 2: Wet the microfiber cloth and put it on a broom, she cleaned the cobwebs and dust from the ceiling and the door frame. Rinse and wring. With a disinfectant wipe reviews the light switch and soap.

Minute 3: Spray cleaner on the mirror and clean them with a cloth. Also reviews the surface of the sink cabinet. With a disinfectant wipe clean all surfaces that usually we play with our hands, tap, knob or door handle and more.

Minute 4: Take another towel and clean the toilet tank and command. Following is the top and the other part of the toilet uses for it all the wipes you see fit. Brush the inside of the toilet brush and flush the toilet.

Minute 5: Place clean towels and passes a disinfectant wipe the corners. Drag and drop to the floor out and empty the trash. You will have your room spotless bathroom in just five minutes.

What’s Next for Missy Homemaker?

I’ve been contemplating this a lot lately. I really love this little blog. I love seeing the familiar faces pop up in the comments. I love hearing from people on my FB page and seeing you all like me on Twitter.

But I have a problem, and it’s a biggie.

I STILL don’t have internet.

Why on God’s green earth can we spend billions and trillions of dollars perfecting a spying system that can identify people in their backyards from space (What? Have you never seen Google Maps? I can practically read my license plate on there.) but we can’t seem to get reliable affordable internet two miles from a major interstate and 5.5 miles from the nearest town?
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