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What You Need to Know about Height Adjustable Workstations & Desks

Height adjustable ergonomic workstations & desks are a great way to ensure the health and wellbeing of your staff. Ergonomic workstations & desks that can be adjusted allow the user to sit or stand comfortably at their desk and are a great alternative to having to sit all day. They can also help minimise serious health problems such as wrist and arm pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, backaches, blood clots, and neck and shoulder pain.
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A Few Things to Consider About Custom Made Furniture


Everybody needs furniture for their home, and over time, you may want to replace your old furniture with something new. Maybe you are remodeling and want a completely new look for your home with a different style of furniture, or perhaps you just moved into a new home and need new furniture. Whatever the case may be, you should consider buying custom made furniture. The following are a few good reasons for doing this. 


You will get the materials you want

Sometimes you may find the perfect piece of furniture, except it is not made with the material you want. The appearance is such that is goes with everything in your living room with perfection, and although it is very comfortable, the upholstery is fabric. Your requirement is for something that is stain resistant such as a vinyl type material. What are you suppose to do? It could take months to find exactly what you want, and this assumes that what you want exists. When you have your couch, or any other piece of furniture, custom made, you can choose the material you want. This is not limited to the material of the upholstery, but you can also specify such things as the type of wood.   


The furniture will be made to fit your home

When you are looking at furniture in a showroom, it is already a finished product, yet you  must find a way to buy the right dimensions, so everything fits just right in the each room of your home. This is seldom possible, but you can create an entire room that is completely furnished, and you can do it to utilize all of the room’s space efficiently. Of course, you don’t have to have custom made furniture for everything in the room, but if you already have purchased new furniture and want a specific piece that you don’t have enough room for, you may want to consider a custom made piece that will fit perfectly in the remaining space that you have.  


You are supporting American workers

Much of the furniture on the market today is mass produced in assembly line fashion with low wage workers, and most of these workers are in third world countries. Working conditions are not always good. When you buy furniture made in this manner, you are supporting the way it is produced. Custom made furniture is made in this nation. You are supporting American jobs and American companies. 


Your are helping to save the environment

Many custom made furniture companies know exactly where their wood is company from. Outside of American, large forests are decimated to produce a wide variety of products, including furniture. Custom made furniture companies go to great lengths to source their wood from economically responsible timber companies. Some companies, such as Joybird Furniture, go to great lengths to make sure they are a green company. Joybird, for example, makes sure that trees are planted with every order they process.


There are many possibilities with customer made furniture. Whether you are looking for a single piece or several pieces of furniture for your home, you owe is to yourself to see what can be done for you. Custom furniture companies will have a gallery of photos that you can thumb through to get an idea of what they are capable of doing.   

How to protect your furniture when moving out

Photo by Francisco De Legarreta on Unsplash

You’ve called in movers or organized a van or a truck to move your belongings and all you have to do now is prepare your stuff for the actual move. No matter how close or how far you are relocating, it only takes a second – a pothole or sudden change of traffic lights and your mirror could break or your wooden table could get scratched. Also things tend to get lost in moves so this is another reason why protecting your belongings is of crucial importance.

Make a list

In moves, things tend to get misplaced. This is why more important items, especially the small ones, should be accounted for before the move. The same goes for all screws and bolts when dismantling your furniture, as it is so easy to misplace them in a hurry. You should find a way to keep them safe, such as buying plastic bags and taping them to the piece of furniture from which they were taken from. Also don’t forget to label them.

Plan your route

In most moves, shortest routes are usually seen as the best routes, but that might not always be the case. Take everything into consideration, from the actual room the piece is at, all the rooms it has to go through, the road to the new place (maybe the longer road is a safer option), and all possible doors and rooms you will have to move it through. For instance your bed could be moved out of your house in one piece but couldn’t enter your new home. This can save up a lot of your time and effort, as you might realize that your bed should have to be dismantled before the move.

Buy the wrapping material

Though you can use your pillows, previously sealed in plastic bags, to protect your furniture in the moving truck, you should also stock up on bubble wrap, tape, boxes and plastic bags. You should acquire all these before the moving day, but you don’t have to buy all of them. For example you might not need to buy boxes, instead you can ask for some from your friends, at work or in some of your local stores.


Most would like to skip the dismantle part, but experience has taught me to dismantle as much as possible. This is especially important for more fragile or heavier pieces, or pieces that might not fit through all entrances. Moving them around as well as fitting them in the truck will be much easier.

Pack everything

Bubble wrap all of your furniture and seal all of your boxes at least a day before the move. This way you can organize how you will place each piece in the moving van and in what order. This is also a good tip in case you might need some more packing material, so that you have enough time to get some more.

The more fragile pieces, breakable or finished furniture should be extra protected, first bubble wrapped and possibly sealed in a box, and second placed carefully in the moving vehicle and surrounded by pillows to prevent collision with other furniture.

Store what you don’t need

Companies such as SES Melbourne recommend storing some of your possessions if they aren’t needed in your new location, at least for the time being. Set aside the things for storage and choose whether you will move them or should you call in the professionals at a storage company.


Heavy stuff first

After wrapping almost everything you own, it is time to place it all in the van. In the case you can move all things at once, you should start with the heaviest pieces first. Of course, you should place soft belongings like pillows between them as well as between more fragile things.


Safely relocating your furniture from point A to point B is a stressful endeavor. Start early so as to prevent any hiccups along the way. Buy the necessary wrapping materials to protect your possessions. You should also dismantle what can be dismantled and wrap it all up. With a little bit of planning and some bubble wrap and tape, your belongings are sure to be safe and sound at the end of your move.


Bio: David Koller is a freelance blogger passionately interested in minor house fixes and home décor.

How to Shop For the Furniture You Need – Tips To Use

The furniture deals and offers are becoming something to embrace for both homeowners and business characters. However, the cost of furnishing your outdoor space cannot be considered cheap. You need to dig deep into your pocket to set up an outdoor space that is intriguing. Commercial outdoor furniture settings will paint an image for your home or business area. Whether it is a bar or restaurant you want to give it a new look, you have to set a budget for it. The outdoor space is just as important as the indoor area.

So, how do you know when and what to include in your outdoor setting? The choice of ideal outdoor furniture will lay in how well you plan. However, there are the basics on how you can shop for what you need to achieve your objective. The best deals will be coupled with quality and durable outdoor furniture. If you are familiar with the indoor furniture, then you need to know that they are not the same. Depending on the usage and goal you want to achieve in buying commercial outdoor furniture, here are so tips you can use:

Select a style that is relevant to your outdoor setting

The choice of style has to be a number one priority. You do not want to choose a style, that conflict with the surrounding environment. Whether it is a business or home setting, you need to choose a style that complements the theme of the project. You can choose to go the modern way or the ancient style for your furniture depending on the theme.

Take advantage of the furniture deals

It is costly buying commercial outdoor furniture. You need to save on the cost of purchase by taking advantage of the deals in the market. You do not have to buy right away. You can wait for special offers from reliable stores and save money on the same. The best deals will entail high-quality furniture with a price lower than the market value. Choose reputable stores for genuine deals and offers.

Choose low priced plans by experts

Plans help you to set up the furniture in your outdoor setting. Experts can help you achieve the objective of your project by drawing or designing plans that are tailor-made for your outdoor space. There are low priced plans from experts. Before you can accept a plan, the expert has to show you a collection of what they have done in the past. Choose reliable and experienced designers to help you come up with an ideal design for your outdoor area.

Avoid cheap furniture

Most at times, you will find that cheap things will always come back to get more money from your pocket. It thus means that they are not necessarily cheap. You have to go for what you had budgeted for in the form of outdoor furniture. Cheap furniture from unreliable stores might bring inconveniences in your project and thus lead to unnecessary costs. Look for reviews and a guarantee from stores you want to buy furniture from as they can be trusted.

Useful Tips For Selecting Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is the place in your house where you will spend one-third of your life. Therefore, you need it to be a place where you feel completely comfortable. One of the best ways to do this is to decorate it with beautiful furniture. There are certainly many different varieties of bedroom furniture that you can choose from. However, you should never make the mistake of thinking that all of these are the same. The quality with which bedroom furniture is made can vary greatly. This is why it is so important for you to be patient and not make any hasty purchases. Here are a few useful tips for selecting bedroom furniture.

1. New or antique?

You will need to decide if you want bedroom furniture that is brand new or old with an antique feel to it. Antique furniture can be much more difficult to find in the exact style you are looking for. It is not something you can special order. Therefore, you will need to put in some time going to flea markets and garage sales to find some furniture that catches your eye. You might also want to try looking at some of the online classified sites where people sell used items. Newer furniture will be easier to find. One of the big advantages to buying new bedroom furniture is that you will get a manufacturer warranty. This will allow you to make your purchases with confidence.

2. Consider the cost of shipping

The cost of shipping will come into play if you are planning on buying your bedroom furniture from a website. These online retailers have many different ways that they calculate the cost of shipping for their customers. Ideally, you should do your shopping on a site like They do not charge any shipping fees.

3. Satisfaction guaranteed

Buying bedroom furniture can be a major expense. This is why you need to be totally certain that you are satisfied with all of your purchases. You should only do business with a furniture store that gives you an adequate amount of time to decide if you want to keep the furniture or return it. Also, any returns that you decide to make should be accepted without any questions being asked. There are some furniture stores that turn returning an item into a big hassle. You should only deal with furniture stores that want you to be completely satisfied.

6 Ways to Create an Ideal Living Room for Entertaining

The living room is the place where families gather to relax, catch up, and spend quality time together. Many people will also open up their living room to guests when they entertain. During the summertime, more and more families are excited to have people into share in some summertime fun.

Because of this, many families use the spring season to prepare their homes for more entertaining during the summer season. Now is the perfect time for anyone to give their living room a quick update. Here are six ways to create an ideal living room for entertaining.

Upgrade the entertainment

There are a lot of ways that families can create a better system for entertainment in their living rooms. One of the most common ways is to use Direct TV in North Carolina to get more channels for movies, TV shows and music. Families can also add a surround sounds system in their living room to create the ultimate entertaining space.

Get creative with color

Color choices in the living room are often very simple and dull. Many families are afraid to use anything other than neutral colors in their living rooms, but some bright shades can be the perfect way to wake up an old design. Families can try adding a piece of bright colored furniture to start, or painting only one wall a bold color.

Rearrange to open up space

Open floor plans are ideal for entertaining. Many families have homes that do have these floor plans in their loving spaces, but will break it up using their furniture. Instead, home owners can arrange their furniture along the walls to open up more floor space and allow an even flow throughout the room.

Choose cozy furniture

Furniture in a living space can determine how comfortable guests are in the home. Uncomfortable or stiff furniture can be off-putting, and furniture that is too worn down can look dirty and sloppy. Home owners should invest in furniture that is in good condition, but still cozy enough to snuggle up on. Here in Perth you can use replica furniture Perth for your home furniture as well.

Remove or store unnecessary objects

A lot of clutter can build up in the living room. Many times, there are a lot of games, DVDs, toys and other objects that clutter the floors of the living space. Families can give these objects a home in storage crates that are neatly stored away to create and instantly cleaner living room.

Keep refreshments close by

Refreshments are often a part of any entertaining in the home. Home owners will usually have refreshments available in the kitchen, but this is not always easily accessible to guests in the living room. Home owners can have a serving tray ready with refreshments and beverages for their guests, or even a small cart they can bring into the room when they need it. These simple touches can make a huge difference for guests and make any entertaining endeavor that much more successful for a family.

Tips For Choosing Chair

When choosing office chairs is essential to find a quality piece as a bad seat in addition to being uncomfortable, can compromise our health. So by opting for a chair should not only pay attention to its design, there are many more aspects to consider.

The chair is one of the essential elements in a job on the computer. In choosing a chair must take into account a number of criteria ergonomics, understood as the study of biological and technological data applied to problems of mutual adaptation between man and machine. You may found lots of shop to buy chair but you need to know what you should consider before buying a chair. You may check eames chair replica shop as an example of good shop.

Criteria to consider
although not injure a chair directly, it can cause poor posture over time, and the daily and prolonged use may result in injury to the user.

Seat: It is adjustable and allows modifying their placement relative to the backrest. In terms of size, must be wide enough so that the user can sit comfortably in the middle and having space around it.
The front of the seat should be tilted down so you do not press the back of the knees or hinder the movement of the legs, and the depth of the seat should not hinder the use of the back.

Backup: You should stick to your back and provide support in the lumbar area. It is advisable to be adjustable tilt and you can adjust the firmness and fixation or mobility support.
The height should also be adjustable and be long enough for at least the entire back.

Armrest: They must allow the user to maintain a comfortable position, arms at an angle of 90 degrees and serving as support on the elbows and forearms. They are also useful to facilitate the incorporation and must be resistant.

They should not in any case push the wearer’s hips. Nor should prevent you stand beside the table or into the desired position.

Base: The wheels on the base allow greater convenience to the user to change position or move. The base must be 5 points support or be stable.

Skin: It should be breathable and be designed to withstand continuous use. It is also advisable to choose a color and material that can be easily cleaned. It is desirable to have a tapestry fabric that allows the passage of moisture, avoid heat and easy to keep clean.

Generally used cotton fabrics, but accumulate dust and are more difficult to clean than other options. The tevinil and other synthetics, however, are easy to clean, but accumulate moisture and heat can cause. It’s a matter of thinking well and chooses the best option for your particular case.

4 of the Most Expensive Items of Furniture You Could Ever Buy

Have you ever walked passed a furniture store and been shocked by the price of a piece of furniture? If you have then you are about to have your eyes opened even further. In the world of the super rich no price is too much for the right piece, and to be honest with you, why should it be? Here are some examples of furniture that comes with a hefty price tag, but also come with a quality and kudos that makes them worth every cent.

Floating Bed

This may seem an incredible price to pay for somewhere to sleep, but as the bed itself is incredible it is only fair that the price is. Costing $1.6 million this bed designed byJanjaarRuijssenaars floats 40cm above the ground and works using the opposing forces of 2 industrial strength magnets. This really is the coup de gras in the battle for the ultimate in bedroom furniture. Being able to accommodate a total weight of 900kg it should be able to sleep even the largest couple.


If you like to soak away your troubles in style, this copper bathtub by Archeo is the way to do it. Costing $67,550 It was built by the company the restored the torch on the statue of liberty, so you know it should be as classy as it gets. Made of solid copper and measuring over 5 feet, this is a truly beautiful piece of bathroom furniture. It may take 270 liters of water to fill, but I doubt if the water bill is going to worry the person soaking in this stylish bath.

The TufftTable

The previous two examples were examples of new furniture, but now we are going to step back in time. One look at the tuft table takes you back to and age of elegance and refinery. Designed and built in Philadelphia in the 1800s by Thomas tuft, this delicate looking table has lasted 200 years. This is down to the exquisite craftsmanship, along with its caring owners. The table stayed in the family until sold for $4.6 million at Christie’s in London in 1990. This table really is an example of craft meeting art.


The Dragons Chair

This single chair sold for the incredible price of $27.8 million when it was sold in 2009. This price even shocked Christie’s who gave it a pre—auction estimate of 2.5 million pounds. Designed by Eileen Gray in 1917, this hand built example was owned by Yves Saint Laurent, and perhaps that explains the unbelievable price. Even though this is a beautiful chair, and not only beautiful to look at, but incredibly comfortable, the price does seem unusually high.

The Dragons Chair and the Tufft Table are antiques and will no doubt hold their value, but the floating bed and copper bath may not. However, buying these items is not about the cost of the item, it is what they mean to you, as the purchaser, in more than monetary term. Perhaps you think they are beautiful, or perhaps you feel they are the ultimate accessory for your home. Whatever the reason for the purchase, I’m sure it is considered money well spent.