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The Best Things to do in London in the Evening

London is a bustling city when you visit it during the daytime, however, when the sun goes down, UK’s capital city really comes to life. It is said that London is a city that never sleeps and with theaters, clubs, bars, museums and eateries to visit you could easily find yourself going to bed just before the sun comes up. To save you from wandering around wondering what to do with yourself, here are a few ideas. Continue reading The Best Things to do in London in the Evening

Catering With a Difference at London Wine Week

The London Wine Week is one of the most entertaining events in London. It is a fantastic seven day festival that celebrates the wonderful London landscape and its wine. The last London Wine Week festival took place in May, 2016 filling the city with over 500 different wines along with events, pop-ups, long lunches and twilight banquets. The London Wine Week is one of the most popular drink festivals returning to London streets. It is a week-long celebration that entails countless events and it is something that wine lovers should not miss out on. It is one of those unmissable events that have been hosted by DrinkUp London- the wine experts who are behind planning the festival along with a series of top events attended each day. catering facilities are one of the most important parts of this event. There are a number of catering hire companies in London offering the best catering services at London Wine Week.

Advantages of Hiring Catering Companies for London Wine Week

Catering contractors in London are experiences and professional individuals dealing in different events starting from corporate to personal with London Wine Week being an exception. The catering hire companies in London offering corporate catering, birthday or wedding catering and they possess good expertise in offering the best catering services at the London Wine Week. They offer their best services within the shortest time. Hiring professional wedding contractors for a huge event like London Wine Week means making no compromises with the level and the quality of the catering service. Some of the benefits rendered by catering companies offering catering services for London Wine Week are as follows:

Polite and Experienced Staff Members

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that high quality catering services always help in creating the best impression on the guests. At such a large event like the London Wine Week, it is not possible to attend different people at the same time and therefore catering services become as important part of the event. Experienced caterers at this event are well-mannered and caring and they have an expertise in dealing with all the different varieties of people present for this high profile event. The catering service professionals deal with all the guests present in the most professional manner. This helps in creating an improved impression on the people leaving them satisfied and happy.

Experienced Handling of the Event

Catering services in London hired for serving the London Wine Week leave no stone unturned in offering their best at the event by handling the event in the most professional manner. The catering services or companies possess the capability of offering the right type of service at the event. It is to be noted that expert caterers at the event also offer perfect guidance and advice.

Special Deals and Offers

Professional catering companies in London also provide special deals and offers for the London Wine Week depending on the meal ordered for the event and the number of guests to be present for the event.

Going for a catering hire company for managing and handling the catering service at London Wine Week is always very important.

The Best Christmas Present Ever

14 years ago today, I received the BEST Christmas present I could ever ask for:

This little fella took us all by surprise by coming 2 weeks and 6 days early. Well, it was the second time he took us by surprise since his older brother was only 10 months old when I found out I was pregnant with him ifyaknowwhatimean. Punkin was born on the 23rd and came home on Christmas Eve.

punkin chirismas gift

Punkin got off to kind of a rough start with horrible colic. I tell him that if he wasn’t crying he was eating. When he wasn’t eating he was pooping, and when he wasn’t pooping he was sleeping. Since he never slept, he was doing one of the first three all the time (mostly crying!).

But, Punkin had my heart right from the very start. He had a smile that lit up the room and the bluest eyes I’d ever seen.

Punkin is smart, funny, and has razor sharp wit. I love that about him. He also has compassion for others and a lot of patience with his younger brothers.

Here’s to a very happy 14th birthday Punkin. I love you so very much. You are the best Christmas present ever!

I’m taking a vacation

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or simply a great day with your loved ones.

I’m taking a small vacation from blogging, but wanted to remind you of a couple things.

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