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The Busy Mum’s Guide to Looking Great On The Go

As a busy mum, you’re probably all-too familiar with the pattern that happens after childbirth: at first, you feel miserable. You’re not sleeping and in constant pain, so why on earth would you worry about your looks? But then days and nights start to go by, until months have passed – and you’re still feeling like a frumpy mum. If this story sounds anything like you, then you’re in the right place. This article will teach you all my secrets to looking amazing – even as a mum on the go. After all, you may not be able to do it all as a mum, but you can at least look like you do…

Perfect your five-minute makeup routine

Let’s face it: when you’re busy wrestling toddlers into the car, or when your children are already running ten minutes late for school, makeup might be the last thing on your mind. But in reality, putting on even the most spare bit of makeup will make you feel so much better about yourself. Even if it doesn’t completely transform your appearance from good to great, you’ll experience a boost of confidence from knowing you put in the extra time and effort to take care of yourself this morning. So, instead of collecting hundreds of cheap makeup products, begin to adopt a five-minute makeup routine with a few high-quality products. That way, you can look and feel your best without taking up more of your precious mummy time.

Stop hating your body

After your first pregnancy, your body undoubtedly changes – and it may never go back to the way it was before pregnancy ever again. But we need to remember that that’s okay! Your body may change with mummyhood, but that doesn’t have to launch you into an ugly cycle of self-hatred. Ultimately, your body is perfect just the way it is! However, if you really hate something about yourself so much that it’s clouding your self-confidence, you could consider changing it surgically. After all, nothing is too extreme if it means loving the skin you’re in – just look here to see examples of women whose lives were changed by cosmetic surgery. 

Wear your hair in an easy updo

One of the things parents quickly learn is that young children, especially babies and toddlers, love to pull on dangling hair. The time we figure that out is usually the same time we stop doing our hair, and instead begin throwing it into a messy ponytail or bun as soon as we get out of bed in the morning (or wearing the same sloppy style we went to bed in the night before). But just because you’re putting your hair up doesn’t have to mean the same boring hairdo every day! To feel instantly sexier, try shaking it up this week with an easy updo like this simple French roll. This style will still keep your hair away from baby’s grabbing hands, without making you feel like a washed-up mum of four (even if you think you are one…).

Begin your beauty routine at night

We all know how stressful it can be to get the whole family out the door in the morning – but spending your mornings corralling your children doesn’t have to mean compromising your entire beauty routine. By beginning your beauty routine the night before, you save valuable time in the mornings and get to take a little time to yourself at the end of a long, hard night. For example, beginning with a solid nighttime skincare routine helps create a beautiful canvas for your makeup – meaning you won’t need much more than a tinted moisturizer for gorgeous skin in the morning. You can also try setting out your outfits the night before to save yourself from rummaging through your closet for twenty minutes in the morning…only to put on a pair of dirty sweatpants. We’ve all been there, trust me – but it doesn’t have to be this way, I promise!

As you can see, becoming a busy mum on the go doesn’t have to mean forgetting all about your beauty routine. You can still live for your kids while taking care of your appearance and feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin!

Tips for Choosing a Good Gift

In some cases, choosing the perfect gift is not always easy. In fact, each person is different and has their tastes, which can be an ideal gift for somebody may not be for another. That is why it is necessary to know the other person well and to be a bit empathic to get it right when making a suitable present.

And, in fact, it does not even have to be a very elaborate gift, it simply must be something symbolic for the person such a wine glass for wine loving person.. Sometimes a simple experience or an act of love has a higher price than any costly gift. The gift is something personal and the intention is what counts (at least they say) .

Some tips for choosing a good gift

Even so, it is possible to follow a series of tips to have more chances of success when giving something. This way you will not have to go to change your gift, nor the person who has received the present make use of the gift ticket because it is not to your liking.

So, instead of giving anything away, show a little interest and pay attention to the following lines. Sure the other person will appreciate your dedication and the nice detail:

  1. Take the trouble to know their tastes

Always think of the person to whom you are going to make the gift and be empathetic, as this is necessary to be successful with your family gifts. In fact, it is virtually impossible for you to hit without knowing the motivations and what the other person likes. Is he a psychologist? Do you like to play sports? Are you passionate about surfing? Knowing your concerns and hobbies will give you an idea of ​​what you may like.

  1. Make a list of interests of the person

Maybe in this reflection you have given with various possibilities or tastes of the person you are trying to surprise. Sometimes you will be very clear what the other person wants, but other times not. In these cases, make a list with your interests and tastes to decide the best option.

  1. Do some research on the gift

Now you know what you like and what your preferences may be. It is time to give a little imagination and think what gift can fit with that person. Maybe you can do an online search to know what you might like. For example, if you are a psychologist, why not give him a good psychology book? Navigate a little on the net to find out what the latest novelties are in terms of psychology books. If he is a gadget lover then you can give him geek gift.

Surviving a Family Campervan Holiday

Going on holiday with your family is always an experience in itself. There are a few issues that often occur throughout family road trips, that are unavoidable and have to be expected, but you’ll find that putting certain plans in place will help to ease the problems and make them easier to handle. Here’s a handful of tips to help you plan and prepare for a fantastic trip and survive the family holiday once you hit the road.

Choose a Fun Destination

It’s important to be able to compromise on a family holiday. Whilst the adults may want to visit national parks and museums, the little ones are more than likely only going to think about the exciting water parks and zoos that they can go and visit. Choosing a destination that has something to satisfy everyone is really going to help make sure that everyone has a good time and enjoys their holiday. Whilst it’s important to have a balance with your activities, you’ll be surprised how much fun you can have doing things that you normally might have passed on.

Remember Toys and Activities

Road trips can be long, tiring experiences, especially for young children. There’s nothing worse than a screaming child, grumpy teenager and irritated dad when you’re all packed into one campervan. Figure out what kind of activities and toys will be suitable to bring on the holiday and keep them in the campervan where they can be easily accessed. Not only will packing games, colouring and other toys be really good for keeping the youngsters occupied and happy, but it also gives the adults a chance to socialise, join in and bond or simply have some quiet time to relax.

Stay Organised

One of the major factors in having a positive, happy holiday is to be organised. You don’t want to get halfway through your holiday to find out you left half of the things you need at home. Similarly, you want to make sure that the campervan is organised and tidy whenever possible. Campervans are often small and cramped at the best of times, so put a plan in place to keep the space organised and tidy. You can even include a small reward chart for your little ones to gain starts every time they help out with tidying, washing and other important everyday tasks.

Stick to a Routine

It’s always going to be difficult to have your little ones in bed at the normal time, especially when your days are packed out with activities, travelling and so on. It’s always good to stick to a routine, however, as this way you can keep yourself and your kids on track and happy. Trying to eat around the same time each day, where possible, will help make sure you don’t go hungry and start to get slightly grumpy. Similarly, trying to wake up around the same time will enable you to feel fresh and ready to go. If you stick to a routine, you often find your days go a lot smoother and to plan.

Keep Things Comfortable

Travelling for long periods of time can be difficult, especially when you have to be on the road for a few days at a time. Investing in comfortable, cosy items such as a rock and roll bed, high quality sofa and additional essentials like blankets and cosy throws, will help to keep you and your family as comfortable and content as possible. It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do to your mood!

Plan Your Packing

The main thing that can make or break a holiday is your packing. If you set off on a two-week road trip in your campervan, with your whole family, to then realise you forgot half of the things you really needed, it can often dampen spirits. Planning in advance and making sure you’ve covered everything you could possibly need for your family holiday is really beneficial. Not only will it ensure your holiday goes smoothly and you can do everything you wanted to do, it’ll also save you money. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to rebuy things that you already purchased specially for the holiday!

The Parent’s Guide to Twitter

Your older child or teenager is likely on social media sites like Twitter. As a parent, it’s important to know about these social media channels and how to keep your child safe while they interact with others on those channels. Even if you’ve never personally used Twitter, you should know what it is all about so you can keep your kids safe whenever they log online. So continue reading for a short guide to Twitter that’s specifically geared towards parents.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is one of many social networks that have become hugely popular online. It’s different from Facebook in style and format, but anyone can create a profile and start following other individuals, as well as businesses from around the world.  Many of your favourite brands, like Netflix, Sun Bingo, Tesco, and Xbox all have Twitter accounts that individual users can connect with.

It’s also possible to post textual updates, along with videos, photos, and links, and direct messaging is possible between users too. Users can retweet one another to share posts, and they can also “like” posts by marking them as a favourite. The main difference between Facebook and Twitter, however, is the fact that every tweet you send out can only be a maximum of 140 characters long.

Teach Your Child About the Dangers of Social Media

First off, it’s important to teach your children about the potential dangers of social media, especially if they’re going to be interacting with people that they’ve never met in person before. It’s a great idea to advise your children to create profiles that don’t include their full name. For example, they can use their first name and middle name, and they can use a profile picture that isn’t a portrait of themselves.

Another way that they can protect themselves is by making their profile totally private so that people will have to request them to follow them. In this way, they can screen all of their followers, and you can screen their followers as well. As long as strangers aren’t added, interactions can be safer and personal information can be kept more private.

Track Your Child’s Activity on Twitter

The best way to keep your child safe on Twitter is to track what they’re doing on the social media website. You can create your own account and start following them so you can see every tweet that they post, and you can talk to them whenever they post something that’s dangerous or inappropriate so they’ll remove it promptly.

Be Aware of the Threat of Cyber Bullying

One of the things that every parent needs to be aware of is cyber bullying. In fact, cyber bullying can be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than in-person bullying because children end up going home after school, logging on to their computers, and finding a lot of messages that belittle them. This is why it is so important that you monitor who is following your child, who your child is following, and the interactions between those followers.

A Few Things That You Shouldn’t Do

Finally, there are a few things that you shouldn’t do when it comes to your child’s use of Twitter. First off, you should not ban your son or daughter from being able to use Twitter because this will probably just make them want to rebel and get an account even more, and they will end up being more inclined to go behind your back to do so.

Also, do not follow your son or daughter and their followers without first getting their permission. If you do so, your child will only think that you don’t trust them, and that could cause a variety of negative consequences to your relationship. Instead, make it known that you want to follow them, and that they can also follow you, so that you can monitor their activity for safety.

If your child insists on creating an account on Twitter for themselves so that they can interact with their friends, it is important to stay on top of that account. Also be sure that steps are being taken to keep information private and to keep interactions positive. Thankfully, there are several ways that you can go about protecting your child online with some parenting tactics that work.

Sing For Hope Pianos 2016

Many people consider an interest in the arts to be something only wealthy people have access to. Yet the truth is that access to the arts is available everywhere, as long as there are people who will help to provide it. One of the groups currently working to help more people in New York City enjoy the arts is This innovative non-profit organization is dedicated to bringing artists together with the schools, libraries, hospitals and other community organizations that need them most.

Sing For Hope Pianos 2016

One of the very exciting programs currently being offered by
is the Sing For Hope Pianos program. Sing for Hope Pianos is offered for two weeks in June and it involves putting 50 uniquely designed and painted pianos in public areas like parks throughout New York City and the city’s five boroughs. These pianos are painted by artists and each one is unique. As part of the program, the pianos are left in public areas where they can be played and enjoyed by anyone who sees them.

This year, following the public installation of the pianos, they will be donated to New York City public schools, where they can bring a major musical impact to the lives of 15,000 New York City children.

How does this amazing program happen? It happens through the strength of a wide network of caring artists and volunteers. To keep this incredible program going, however, requires funding. That’s why everyone at is asking for help to keep pop up pianos in New York City and its schools.

The power of the work of this organization is truly amazing, and it’s all based on pooling resources, sharing ideas, sharing talent and sharing a lot of love, for the benefit of the city’s children and the community as a whole.

If you care about music and bringing its powerfully positive message to the city and its children, take a look at the site today and find out how you can help support this wonderfully innovative program.

It’s all about music. It’s all about sharing, and it’s all about community.

Your Guide to Easy Summer Entertaining

Summer is an ideal season for entertaining. Many people have a lighter work schedule and are in a festive vacation mood. The weather usually allows for outdoor gatherings and throwing a dinner party is a great way to take advantage of long, relaxing summer evenings. It’s a perfect time to plan casual parties, skipping the fancy tables and heavy comfort food of winter in favor of simple, seasonal dishes and a comfortable atmosphere. Here are several tips to help you throw an amazing summer dinner party.

Cool and Casual

One key to an enjoyable summer party is a laid back atmosphere. While it can be fun to dress up and have a glitzy party, most people prefer comfort and relaxation in the hot summer months. Invite your guests to dress casually and hold your party outdoors if possible. Play upbeat or nostalgic music and include some lawn games if you have enough space. You can also encourage a casual feeling by serving dinner buffet style or even making the meal potluck so everyone feels involved.

Refreshing Sips

Be sure to have a good variety of delicious drinks to keep your guests cool and hydrated. Of course, ice water is a must, and adding cucumber or lemon can help it taste even more refreshing. Instead of using a more formal bar setup, place soda and beer in a cooler and let your guests choose their own drinks. You can even mix up a couple cocktails in single-serving mason jars as an alternative to beer. Make sure you have at least two non-alcoholic options for underage guests or those who choose not to consume alcohol.

Minimalist Decor

Having a themed party or a formal table with handwritten menus and place cards can be enjoyable, but for a summer party, it’s better to decorate sparingly especially if you’re entertaining outdoors. You could go completely casual with paper plates and plastic utensils. Another option is plain white tableware with stemless glasses and casual silverware. For centerpieces, small arrangements of fresh flowers (local wildflowers if you can find them) are nice, or a few floating candles in shallow bowls. Butcher’s twine is a great way to tie a napkin and utensil set together, and is especially convenient for a buffet-style meal.

No Bugs Allowed

If you live in an area with mosquitos or other pests, make sure you take precautions to prevent them from ruining your night. Use citronella candles to repel mosquitos and make sure there are covers for the serving dishes to keep flies away. It’s also nice to offer insect repellent spray to your guests.

Healthy Dishes

Many people try to follow a healthy diet during the summertime. Honor your guests by serving dishes that forego heavy sauces and rich ingredients in favor of fresh vegetables and smaller portion sizes. Salads are a great option for a summer meal since there are so many seasonal ingredients easily available. Healthy, affordable dressings from Hampton Creek are the perfect addition to any salad. There are several flavors to choose from and all are made with a small list of real ingredients so you can feel confident you’re serving high-quality food.

Engaging and Fun

For a relaxed atmosphere, encourage your guests to participate. You could ask each guest to bring a favorite local beer and do a “tasting” or ask everyone to contribute an appetizer or dessert. You could choose a menu that allows your guests to help. For example, set a couple guests to work mixing guacamole or arranging a veggie platter. If you have a firepit, make s’mores for dessert so everyone can get in on the fun of roasting marshmallows. Allowing your guests to participate in the food preparation help create a family atmosphere, perfect for a casual party.
Summer is a great time to host a laid back gathering for your family and friends. If you have the space to entertain outdoors, it’s a great way to enjoy the warm weather and long evenings, especially if you keep the bugs away. Plus, you can have some lawn games for your guests to enjoy and it’s a great opportunity to utilize a firepit if you have one.

Serve a variety of refreshing drinks and light, healthy dishes. It’s also fun to encourage your guests to really participate, either by helping to cook or bringing something to the party. Choose casual, minimalist decor and make sure you take the time yourself to sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the party.

Do kids get financial education at an early enough age?

In a new report from prepaid credit card provider icount indicated that the majority of adults (in the UK) think that children should be taught the value and responsibility of money from the age of 5 – however – the official lessons on personal finance starts at age 11.

The importance of financial education

Financial education is now part of the curriculum for all high schools in the UK. This means that kids get a dedicated syllabus, focused on finance and personal financial management.

From learning about interest rates, credit cards and the dangers of debt – to mortgages and loans, kids are becoming better equipped to manage their own finances from age 11.

The main aim of teaching children about money at school is to ensure they are able to make smart financial decisions when it becomes important later in life.

Learning the value of money in a ‘cashless’ society

There are so many financial service products on the market, which means that it is becoming increasingly harder for young people to understand which is best for the.

Since financial education became part of the national curriculum in September 2014, the government hope that children have a much clearer idea of how to handle their finances.

Each child from September 2014 will have received some form of money lessons.

Teaching very young children about money

The icount research demonstrates that just one in ten parents agree that age 11 is early enough to learn the value of money.

Financial education starts at home

If you feel it is important, there are some great ways to teach kids about money at home – before they even get to school age.

One easy way to help them learn about budgeting is to give them a calculator during the weekly food shop, and everything that goes into the basket must be accounted for. Give them a maximum budget and if it goes over that, tell them to let you know.

For older children, another great way is a prepaid card. The majority of accounts some with a debit card, so you can load money onto the cards and let them figure their budget out.

10 keys to choose flower for your wedding

The choice of flowers for a wedding is a very personal matter. You can delve into the meaning of each flower, its recommended uses, and the combination that best harmonizes with every place … but at the very end, the important thing is to be comfortable in one of the most memorable events of your life. Those responsible for the hotel can help.

To guide you previously, we’ll offer some tips to advice on the flowers that will decorate and attract your wedding. You must ensure best flowers sydney collection to you use it in your wedding.

  1. If we talk about flowers at a wedding, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is the bride bouquet and incidentally, also carrying flower boutonniere groom.There are many types of classes as styles of brides.Defines the style of bride (depending on your dress or clothing groom) and it will be easier design for a bouquet, a bouquet of wildflowers, classic and elegant roses … Of course, there are many colors as images.
  2. The bride may not be the only branch of the ceremony.You can choose whether your bridesmaids carry one. You can combine the color of yours with the ladies, for a beautiful set of shades.
  3. The place of the link should dress emblazoned equally the bride and groom.Therefore, hydrangeas, roses or camellias are successful for traditional weddings; and orchids, lilies and tulips, for modern.
  4. When the couple have given the expected “yes I do”, comes the turn of the reception of the newlyweds at the gates.Besides the traditional rice it has become fashionable trend of throwing flower petals .Tradition says that throwing things to the new couple means sharing the happiness with your guests.
  5. The banquet decoration is very important.It involves the decoration of the place where all your guests spend most of the celebration.You must find the right measure to avoid overloading the area.
  6. Do not place large center pieces that prevent your guests can talk quietly?
  7. the most successful is to choose own flowers of the season, so they will look its best.
  8. All details count, so you can choose to pick a flower, as part of your bridal headdress. They can further enhance your look: there are from daring to minimalist or rustic…
  9. Note that the flowers are not only a decorative element, but also stimulates smell.The jasmine give off a fragrance.
  10. Finally, remember how important is choosing the right flower as its color.For example,yellow roses signify jealousy, so avoid them at your wedding .

Flowers are a natural, simple and very original element to complement the perfect wedding. Choose the right, with time and patience.

Help your teen regain his self-esteem and keep life on a positive path

The teenage years are rarely smooth and easy. Teens are going through a transition from childhood to adulthood, and this transition can be difficult for even the most well-adjusted kids. Between the changes in their bodies, pressure from peers and ever-increasing school workloads, teens can become troubled and act out. Therapeutic treatment schools can help your teen regain his self-esteem and keep life on a positive path.

Why Boarding Schools?

There are many reasons that boarding programs are often the best answer to troubled teen behavior. These programs employ trained specialists who are fully equipped to address the unique needs of troubled teens. They can help your teen work through issues of self-esteem, peer pressure, depression and anger. These trained professionals can also give them the tools they need to cope with changing hormones and outside pressures that teens often face.

Sending your son to a program like Wood Creek Academy will allow him to bond with other teens in a safe and supportive therapeutic environment. These programs teach living skills, wilderness training and self-discipline and will help your teen discover his own strength. These programs will take him away from the outside influences—other troubled teens, drugs, alcohol—that are causing him to stray off course.

What many people don’t realize is that a teen’s sense of self has a large bearing on his academic success. Many programs for troubled youth offer an academic component that allows them to focus on learning without the negative influences that can hinder school success. These programs will help him to get the high grades he needs to succeed in high school and beyond. These accredited programs allow your teen to earn a high school diploma or transition back to the public school setting to continue his coursework.

When it comes to dealing with troubled teens, even the most loving parents can find the task overwhelming. Getting your teen through this time in their lives is often an uphill battle, and many teens make bad choices that can affect their entire lives. In many cases, it takes an intervention and immediate action to save a teen. By sending them to a boot camp wilderness program, they will not only learn to make better choices, but learn valuable skills and meet positive friends along the way.

Don’t struggle alone with your troubled teen. Take action now and enroll him in a therapeutic wilderness treatment school today.

My kids think I’m a bitch, and I don’t care

Several months ago in this post, I discussed how we had started what we call the Family Economy. For the most part, this had been going very well. But, for whatever reason, after a couple weeks off over Christmas, the whole thing had pretty much fallen apart.

Another thing that seems to have happened after our Christmas school break, is that internet usage has gotten completely out of control by not only the older boys but by the younger ones as well. I hadn’t realized how much they were asking to play on the computer or my phone until I said no, and I was witness to the ensuing fit.

I partly blame myself for this. I became pretty lazy about checking to make sure the boys were doing what they said they were, and there were a few cases of cheating the system by the kids which resulted in them losing pay for periods of time as a result. But as I said, after Christmas, this became much more pronounced and a lot worse.

I also blame myself for the internet usage, especially with the younger boys. Of course it’s easy to say yes when a kid wants to amuse himself with something, but shouldn’t I be more picky with what that something is? I realized this yesterday when both my 6 and 11 year olds said they had nothing to do, even though they have a room stocked with legos, kinex, and other toys.

So today, when I saw that again the stairs hadn’t been vacuumed, the entryway cleaned up, shoes kicked off against the wall leaving a muddy trail, leaves all over the basement floor from the back entrance (we live in a raised ranch so there’s one of those handy/not easy to keep clean stairwells in the back), the 6 year old asked me to play on my phone the minute he woke up, and my 15 year old hadn’t pulled himself away from his computer for the last week, well, let’s just say I’d had enough.

As far as the chores are concerned, the Family Economy is pretty serious stuff to me. My kids get tired of hearing me say it, but by the time I was my 11 year old’s age (he’ll be 12 in a couple of months), I was working very long, full time days for my parents every summer, over school breaks, and after school (when we were needed) until I was 20. It wasn’t easy work either. I remind them that their uncle was 9 and turned 10 shortly after we started working. To me, the Family Economy is the best way to teach them that a good job and work = payment and shirking work and responsibility leads to no pay and no extras.

I find it ridiculous that kids are trusted driving thousands of pounds of cars and trucks (in Iowa a child can get a school permit at 14.5 years old-yes to drive to school without supervision) but the government feels it isn’t a good idea for them to work before they’re 16. But, that’s another rant for another day.

So back to me being a bitch. I called a family meeting with the kids today and informed them of the following:

  • Their lack of follow-through with their jobs hadn’t gone unnoticed and because I hadn’t made any notes on exactly what hadn’t been done, they would all be receiving half pay for the week.
  • From here on out, if their chores were not completed, there would be no pay, but the boys older than 12 would still be responsible for half of their shoes and clothing as was the original deal. They’d have to figure out how that was going to work.
  • The one son who’s making payments for his computer (we fronted him some money to purchase it) will have to cash in his CD to repay the loan immediately if he stops getting paid or he will forfeit his computer as was the agreement.
  • Internet usage is being cut immediately. The children will be allowed two hours of internet in the morning to complete their schooling. After their chores are completed, they will be granted one more hour to be used on the computer or their phones.
  • Playstation time during the week will be awarded for extra work done without payment and will be allowed on the weekends at our discretion.
  • Computers and phones will be left upstairs and their usage will be monitored.

I was surprised at the reaction I received from one of my sons. Actual tears were shed over the internet being limited. He argued that he doesn’t have any friends here, which has been a constant struggle for all of us since we moved (even when the boys were in public school). For whatever reason, we just don’t seem to fit in very well.

My solution to that was to challenge the boys with finding a group, club, or class that they could be involved in outside the home. One has said he’d like to join 4-H, one has said he’d like to take swimming lessons, and one wants a class at the Y.

I also asked them each to list 3 things that they’d like to improve on, and was surprised to receive well thought out responses.

Regardless of the positive spin of improvement and community involvement I tried to place on our family meeting, I did get the ‘You’re a bitch.’ look from two of my kids.

I constantly tell my kids that I’m their biggest fan, but even their biggest fan will make rules that they won’t like and won’t agree with. There will be times they’re convinced they hate me.

My job as their parent is to raise 4 well-mannered, intelligent, compassionate, disciplined, responsible, and hard working men…not to coddle them the entire time they’re under our roof. I see too many children reaching adulthood without a clue as to what responsibility means not to mention how to be independent..

My dad has told me, “No one said being a parent was going to be easy,” and of course he’s right. And that’s why, today, my kids think I’m a bitch and I’m okay with it. Sometimes parenting is a really sucky job, but someone has to do it.

I’m game.