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Advantages And Disadvantages When You Rent Self Storage Units

There are more self storage companies than ever at the moment. You can easily find some options that are available close to where you live. For instance, you can easily locate some really great Memphis self storage units with a simple Google search. The problem is that many do not know so much about these units. Are they suitable in your case? There are always disadvantages and advantages you would want to learn about. Here is what you should know.

Self Storage Units Advantages

You mostly want to consider this opportunity when you do not want to carry around some stuff you do not use or you end up without home storage space. The big advantage is that you get access to more facilities than what you may imagine when compared to the garage or the loft you normally consider. Your home is free and you also manage to take advantage of the following with self storage units:

  • Climate controlling facilities are usually included so properties are protected.
  • Computerized access control system would increase storage security.
  • Any goods can be stored.
  • Renting rates are lower than with other alternatives.
  • You can access the self storage unit whenever you want to.
  • Pay just for how much space you would use.
  • Some of the self storage units also offer packing facilities.
  • Protection from rain, scratches and rust.

Self Storage Units Disadvantages

The only really big disadvantage that we have to understand is connected to the price. You would need to pay for the storage and you do not have to pay for storing things at home. The units will be really great at keeping your goods safe but you will not instantly have access to them whenever you want to. If you have items that you often want to use, the self storage unit is not actually a great idea. For more disadvantages we should highlight:

  • When you have valuable goods, it is necessary to pay more so that you get extra protection and insurance. What is stored and deterioration is normally not going to be in the responsibility of the storage facility.
  • Natural calamities can happen. If this will take place at the storage facility, you will not be able to save much. The same thing cannot be said for home storage.
  • Travelling to the storage unit when you need something is not convenient.


Now that you know the main advantages and disadvantages associated with self storage, it is time to see if this is a good option for you. Be sure that you are patient and that you consider absolutely all the different opportunities available. Some of the storage facilities are much better than others. Be sure you know everything about the service provider you receive.

The great news is that it is practically impossible not to find really great storage options for your personal needs. However, this does not mean that all storage units are great. Choose based on your needs and on what you are going to  be offered in the contract you sign.

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