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7 Questions to Ask When Buying a New House in Ireland

Buying a new house is different from purchasing an older property. There are specific issues you need to consider, and questions to answer, that directly relate to new homes. It can be a scary prospect buying a new home in Ireland but you can make the process less stressful by considering these issues.

  1. Can I Change the Layout and Fittings?

If you have seen the showhome and you like it, but you want to make some changes, can you do so? You probably will be able to if you are buying a high-end property. You may also be able to make changes if you are buying before the house has been started, or only partially built. But you will, no doubt, need to pay the costs associated with the difference.

  1. Can I Choose a Different Kitchen?

Most new houses for sale in mornington have kitchens that have been specially designed to be economical for build, as well as attractive, and there is not a lot of flexibility involved but the builder may be willing to consider installing a different kitchen, particularly in more expensive properties. However, different developers will be much more flexible – it depends on the priorities of the builders and also on the size of the development.

  1. What’s the Home’s Energy Efficiency?

New houses must be built to an A3 energy rating but you should also check how the home is supplied with renewable energy. You should be looking at solar panels, or heat pumps that assist in supplying the energy to the home.

  1. What is the Orientation of the House?

Check which way the house is facing. It should be east/west facing and there should ideally be larger windows in the side that directs towards the sun, and there should be smaller windows in the north-facing side.

  1. What’s the Space in the Roof?

It is perfect if you can get a house with a high roof and a good pitch so that you could convert it into an extra room if you need it.

  1. Is the House Adaptable to Extension?

Look at whether you will be able to extend the house without having to move the position of the kitchen. Also check if you have space for an extension in the back.

  1. What Kind of Storage Is There?

Storage is more important than many people think. You need to make sure there is space for shelving, or some space for a larger cupboard, especially if you are buying a smaller apartment or home.

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