4 Outdoor Favorites for Kids in Seattle

As an adult, looking through Seattle condos is going to be an enjoyable time for you, because you know when the timing is right, you will soon be moving into a place you will call home. For kids, this experience isn’t nearly as exciting as it is for you.

While you’re going to be the one making the decisions and knowing what is best for your family, pleasing your kids should be a close second on your priority list. Remember, they have to live in the beautiful city of Seattle as well. If you’re wondering what kinds of activities are available for kids, there are four outdoor favorites.

Splash parks: When the summer comes, you’ll want to get the kids out of the house — as well as find a little peace and quiet for yourself! Wading pools and spray parks are great places to get the kids to lose some energy. These parks are located throughout the city, so you can find the one nearest to you.

Kayaking: If your kids have never been kayaking, there are a couple locations in Seattle that offer kid-friendly kayaks and amazing views, so that you and your younger ones can enjoy a little time out on the open water.

Water theme parks: Beating the summer heat couldn’t be easier than it is at the Wild Waves Theme Park, which is the state’s only water and amusement park. There are roller coasters as well as a water park, so no matter what ages your children are, there is a little something for everyone.

Camping: Is camping a favorite among your family? Many of the state parks in Washington offer cabins that you can rent so that you can enjoy a little time away from home and the great outdoors, all in one trip! Although these destinations aren’t located right in the city, many are between one and three hours away from Seattle.

Getting your kids’ stamp of approval can sometimes be necessary for a successful move, so share some of the fun activities for them to engage in. They may be a little more willing to comply with the hardships of moving to a new home.

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