4 “Firsts” Every Parent Looks Forward To

Once a baby is born, his or her parents have an exciting world of “firsts” to look forward to. From the first word to the first potty training session, babies grow quickly and mercilessly. Parents must savor and enjoy each new experience while it lasts, making each one a memory to last a lifetime.

Baby’s First Snow
One of the biggest photographic opportunities is baby’s first snow. Babies are absolutely mesmerized by snow, even though their exposure to the cold must be limited. The beautiful white wonderland results in lots of giggles, smiles, and exploration. A camera should be handy with plenty of storage and a full battery.

Baby’s First Steps
One of the moments that every parent looks forward to is when a baby takes his or her first steps. When babies perfect the art of walking, they quickly begin to run and get into everything in site, in an effort to satisfy their curiosity. Babies love to walk for the first time when no one is looking; therefore, it is important to keep an eye on baby if the parents want to witness the very first steps of many to come.

Baby’s First Game
With millions of sports fans in this world, it is natural to become excited for a baby’s first sports game. Whether the game is the televised Super Bowl or a local scrimmage, nothing is more adorable than a baby who is dressed up in lots of team spirit. Baby sports apparel is widely available, including bows, hats, shirts, dresses, shoes, blankets, toys, and more. Nearly every sports team has some type of baby apparel readily available, making it easy for parents to find the right outfit for the baby’s first sporting event.

Baby’s First Words
Among all of the baby babble and cooing, the mother and father are both excited to see which words the baby will speak first. The two most excitable terms are “momma” and “dada”; two of the easiest for a baby to pronounce. As a sort of friendly competition, both parents will try to encourage the baby to say one or the other first; while it might be nearly impossible to capture the first word on video, it never hurts to be prepared.

Having a new baby is full of exciting experiences. However, no event is more exciting than a new “first”! Creating a slideshow, clip movie, photo album, or journal of this adventure is perfect for reliving those precious memories as they fly by.

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