3 Outdoor Hotspots in Seattle

With the help of Seattle real estate agents, the time for you to move into your new condo is now. The process of moving can be long and exhausting, but once you have settled down and finally unpacked all of your belongings, finding the best spots in Seattle to hang out and spend some time should be next on your list of priorities.

Weather permitting, finding the best places outdoors in Seattle isn’t a difficult task, but there are three major hotspots that shouldn’t be missed.

Seward Park

Seward Park, located within the city limits, can be an excellent place to get your fix of nature and all of its glory. The park offers visitors more than just a relaxing environment to hang out in, but there are also activities including a plant garden, hiking trails, and more.

Harry’s Ridge

You haven’t lived in Seattle until you’ve visited Harry’s Ridge. Offering visitors a chance to see Mount St. Helens, the trail is a great place to get some exercise while taking in some beautiful sights. On the path, you can also get a chance to see Mount Adams and gives anyone who is hiking an overlooking view of Spirit Lake.

Ozette Triangle

Ozette Triangle, also known as Cape Alava Loop or Sand Point, is a wonderful place for many hikers to get their daily outdoor exercise in as well. Visitors get a two-for-one: a hike on the beach and a hike through the forest. Along the path is Lake Ozette, the largest natural lake in the state.

Finding a fun location outdoors in Seattle is going to make your living experience much more enjoyable.

Because the weather is constantly changing, getting your outdoor fix when the warm weather arrives is easy. There are hundreds of special places in Seattle to take a hike, go for a stroll, or simply relax and take all of Mother Nature in. Contact Seattle real estate agents today to find your new home!

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