3 Different Ways to Lose Weight Successfully

When wanting to lose a few pounds before a planned vacation in August to get “beach body ready” or just to stop your clothes feeling so tight, losing weight is a sensible goal to have. There are different approaches to take depending on your personal preferences, how you stick to diets, and whether you have an aversion to exercise.

It’s usually recommended that you consult with your doctor before embarking on any dietary or exercise routine to check your blood pressure and, if you have asthma, completing a breath flow test to verify how things are looking before starting. This goes for any weight loss plan.

Here are three different ways to lose weight successfully.

HCG Drops

HCG hormone drops have been used since 1954 as a weight loss supplement. Usually, Easy Hcg Homeopathic Drops are taken in combination with a limited calorie diet of 500 to 1,000 calories per day to get the most benefit from taking the supplement. While taking the drops is the easy part, keeping your daily calories this low is extremely challenging but is almost certainly going to cause a drop in your weight due to the calorie reduction.

Regular Exercise for People Who Don’t Like Diets

While regular exercise is great for almost everyone to improve their cardiovascular health, get the blood flowing, strengthen the muscles, and to get the joints moving around, when you hate sticking to a diet, then exercise is your thing.

If you haven’t exercised much (or at all) recently, then start slowly. Don’t go too far on your first time out and walk, don’t run. Let your body, including your tendons and joints, get used to the increased exertion. Your body needs time to adjust to increased movement, so stretch out before you go and only move up to something of longer duration and more vigor in later months. The goal of the first month is to get through it without injury while increasing your overall fitness and endurance.

Once you’re past the first month, then increase distance and speed to get the calories burning off. If you can restrict eating in the evening, that also helps promote weight loss too.

Ketogenic Diet

A Ketogenic diet is an option for people who are okay with the idea of restricting carbohydrates. By restricting carbs and increasing healthy oil and protein, the body adjusts over several weeks and gets to a Ketogenic state where it burns fats for fuel, not sugar.

The diet requires changing the kind of food you’ll prepare at home or what you eat when out and about. It promotes weight loss because of the increased fat burning ability once the body makes the switch from burning sugar to using fat. Being on a Ketogenic diet also helps to maintain the eating plan because you don’t have the sugar spikes.

Whichever option you choose, the key is to keep at it. Weight loss doesn’t tend to show up instantaneously. Both patience and perseverance are required to succeed. Most people give up before they see results or switch to some other weight loss approach and keep hopping between approaches rather than focusing and digging in. Avoid being like that!