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In what could very well be one of the hottest new trends in home renovation and improvement, homeowners everywhere are electing to make significant changes, upgrades, and improvements in their outdoor living space. They are turning seldom used porches and patios into comfortable living spaces that all family members can enjoy throughout the pleasant summer months and into the beautiful fall season.

Additions or improvements on pools, hot tubs, and porch and patio decking are popular projects. Full-size outdoor grills are being built. And for entertainment, outdoor TVs and stereo systems add a wonderful touch to functions brought outdoors to the new and expansive party area.

One terrific accessory that adds color and flair to the area is an outdoor porch rug. Long gone are the old days, when just about any ‘rug’ seen outdoors was that green “astroturf” like material. You know, the same thing that the Brady’s pretended they were mowing in their backyard in the “Brady Bunch” television show. Today, outdoor rugs come in thousands of different styles, colors, and designs, featuring a wide variety of shapes and sizes that can perfectly suit most any area.

As more and more internet users expand their horizons online, they are realizing that online shopping for almost all goods and services out in the marketplace is considerably quicker, more convenient, very frequently less expensive, and most often much more informative and educational than the traditional means of shopping for goods. Flipping through catalogs or visiting retail stores, though still done, now pales in comparison to all that online shopping can bring to the consumer.

When it comes to shopping around online for outdoor rugs, quite obviously the location of the homeowner or the company they’re looking at should be of no concern, as shipping is now available practically everywhere on earth. With literally thousands of companies selling rugs online, shoppers should look to well-established and experienced leaders in the market, a company like Roth Rugs, that specializes in the sales of superior-quality indoor and outdoor rugs, and rugs only. Specialization in one specific product, like rugs, enables leaders in the industry to focus all their expertise and time in providing customers the very finest products they will find anywhere out there.

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Four Things a Beginner Should Know About Essential Oils

Essential oils have been in use for centuries, by people all over the world. However, despite their traditional usage, there are some things that are helpful to be aware of. Here are four things a beginner should know about essential oils.

  1. They’re Not Like Other Oils

If you’ve never used them before, you might be thinking of essential oils in the same way as other types that can actually be used as carriers for these aromatic substances, such as jojoba, almond, or brazil nut oil. Actually, the essential type of oils do have a slightly oily feel to them, but they are not meant for spreading on the body like the carrier types.

  1. They’re Really Concentrated

The oils are super concentrated, requiring a huge amount of plant material to create a small amount. Literally pounds of organic material go into producing milliliters of the essential oils. For this reason, they can sometimes be more expensive than you’d expect for a small bottle, but they go a long way. You may need to check the label to know if you’re getting the 100% pure oils or if there’s a filler in there.  Always go with 100% pure oil.

  1. Use Sparingly

Because they are concentrated, they are quite strong, and you need to be careful of using them topically without diluting them first. Most people will mix them with a carrier oil such as those listed above, or coconut oil, before putting directly onto their skin.  A little goes a long way with an essential oil diffuser as well.

  1. Not Just Fragrance Oils

There are a number of types of oils sold, which can have a variety of names such as fragrance oils, scented oils or even “natural” oils. There is a lot more to essential oils; although they can also be used for their aromatherapy benefits. However, they have also been used for hundreds of years for many more purposes than simply their alluring scents, such as for calming the mind and used while relaxing after a long day.

There’s a lot to learn about essential oils, especially as they can be used in so many ways: topically with dilution, in a diffuser, in homemade personal care products, and more. But it’s also a lot of fun and you may find that essential oils can even make a difference in your life. Start with your favorite scents or try some that appeal to you based on their traditional uses and see what happens!