In Real Estate, Who You Learn From Makes A Difference

In many parts of the Western United States, when you check out the latest in real estate, you will hear about being ‘in the business’. This is largely because real estate remains a field where there are practices that are acceptable and lead directly to success in the field when applied correctly. If you are ‘in the business’, it is assumed that you know how to operate and provide your clients with the best possible experience.

So when it comes to making decisions about where you will get the necessary education to ensure that you have every advantage possible, it is a good idea to look at the track record of the schools that are out there.

Here are some things to look for in a school that provides real estate certification:

Best practices:

When you take academics and add experienced professionals and then put together a curriculum, you will normally find that the professionals are able to add value because they have a very good feel for best practices- or the best way of actually doing something.

Schools like Key Realty School, which have their roots in professionals that embraced academia fit into this category because they have created an environment that is based upon the real world and then leveraged the rules and regulations that someone needs to know into that world. The results speak for themselves in many cases with top performers citing their education at schools that are like this.

Don’t forget the don’ts:

One realtor wanted to start building a rental empire on the side of his business. His friends suggested that he talk down the sale of local homes so that he could lower the value of those sales until the price was attractive enough that he could purchase them himself and rent them out.

The problem with this strategy is that it isn’t acceptable behavior in any state. The realtor was lucky. After a couple of attempts, he was caught by other friends that asked him just what he was doing. He didn’t lose his license but he certainly learned what he should have learned in real estate school.

If you are working in luxury real estate or with upscale homes, it can be an unforgiving market if you make mistakes like this. So when you choose your school, take a look at the curriculum and be sure that it is complete enough to cover areas that you will want to avoid.

Finding a good real estate school can make a difference in your future real estate career. If you learn from those who use best practices as the way they do business, it will prepare you to work with any type of client in the field.

5 Ways to Feel Better And Younger

Feeling better in yourself and letting the years drop off your shoulders is something that we should all experience. Those who do are likely to be more healthy, to live for longer, and above all to have a better quality of life. No matter what your age, you can start now to get those benefits as soon as possible. Here are 5 ways to feel great and look fantastic.

Entertain Some Exercise

Exercise is essential for staying fit, but for many people, it can feel like a chore. It doesn’t have to be that way, and there is a type of exercise that you will always want to make time for. It might not be the same for everyone, but the important thing is to figure out how to have fun while you work out. Whether that means a fun dance class, doing water aerobics, running with a friend, or something else, find what it is that makes you smile and get your heart pumping.

Start a Smile

Frowning gives you lines on your forehead. Squinting gives you crows’ feet. Feeling angry and stressed all the time can age you prematurely. But putting a smile on your face will only ever give you the kind of wrinkles that make you look happy all the time, and it can even brighten your mood. Just by wearing a smile, you can look younger and even force yourself to feel happier. It’s an effective way to make one small change that creates all the difference.

Brighten Your Body

As you age, you might feel like your body is letting you down. It happens to all of us, but some to a larger degree than others. Why not do something about it? You will instantly look and feel younger if you have your breasts reduced and reshaped when you start to feel a sag, for example. It’s a great way to battle some of the signs of aging which are ahead of your mental age. If you still feel 23 inside, there’s no need to stop looking it!

Feel Your Face

Any woman will tell you that in later age, there’s one thing everyone always wishes they did more of: moisturise. Moisturising helps your skin to stay youthful, puts off wrinkles, keeps your face soft and supple, and will make you the envy of everyone you know. Get a good-quality brand as soon as you can afford one and stick with a daily regime for the rest of your life – it’s more than worth it to spend those five minutes a day.

Hunger For Health

Lastly, remember to eat a healthy diet, no matter what. Try to ensure that your meals are well-balanced from a nutritional standpoint, and that you are getting the vitamins and nutrients that you need every day. Eat your greens, and enjoy a pizza or a cheesecake every now and then too. Remember that healthy food should be balanced with enjoyable, flavourful food – you don’t have to choose between them. A good diet will keep you healthy, keep your body youthful, and give you the energy you need to feel great.

Follow these five tips every day, and you’ll be feeling younger in no time. When you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside right away.

Finding A Remodeling Contractor Online

Online shopping for services is one of the fastest growing segments in business. As a customer, you are more likely to have used Uber or a concierged house cleaning company than ever.

One of the keys to the success of businesses that offer services online is to build their talent pool very carefully. is one such company. They provide services in Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles because they have spent thousands of hours building relationships with local contractors that are part of their network. The net result is a team that is hard to beat when remodeling contracts come up.

Here are some of the types of remodeling services that you can find and contract with online:

Kitchen remodelers:

The fastest way to build value in your home is to add-on or remodel a key room like your kitchen. It therefore stands to reason that you would want your contractors to be a dream team whose work will stand the test of time. When you choose to use online remodeling contractors you will have an opportunity to not only have some of the best artisans in the area work with you, you will also see more synergy and coordination when it comes to putting your kitchen together.

Bathroom remodelers:

Although the bathroom is normally one of the smaller rooms in your home, having at least one remodeled bathroom is a priority for many families. When you use an online service that matches a bathroom specialist with you, you will get the benefit of having someone with a wealth of experience working with different teams in different capacities. The net result is a wider understanding of how your design goals should be made into reality.

Other services:

Companies like are able to offer services for any room in your home. If you want to convert a room or make structural changes, they can help out there too.

Online services can also help you remodel exterior parts of your home. Changing porches or weatherizing are two popular examples. One of the most popular weatherizing services is to use infra-red cameras to verify places in your home that are leaking hot or cold air- and then focus part of the weatherization work on ensuring that those gaps and areas that are suspect are made sound.

If you are thinking about remodeling, it is very easy to go online and take a look at what remodeling partners have to offer compared to finding someone a different way. Most services are very competitively priced. They are also very good at providing references so that you can see how well customers have responded to the work that they have done for them.

More Families than Ever Use a Formal Budget

Recent statistics from the USA have shown that more than 30 percent of American households routinely prepare a detailed household budget each month to track their income and expenditures, either on paper or by using a computer spreadsheet.

As UK debt hits record levels, and more families than ever find themselves struggling to make ends meet, is this a practice that more of us should be adopting? Here we take a look at how to draw up a family budget and regain control of your finances.

Getting started

Those of a technophobic nature might prefer a traditional pen and paper, but for the vast majority a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel is the best bet. You could even use some simple accounting software such as Quickbooks if you are familiar with it.

If you are using a basic spreadsheet, take a look at the pre-loaded templates, and you will probably find one that is already set up for household budgeting. You will still need to adjust this to your specific needs, but it is easier than starting from a blank sheet.

Once it is formatted to your satisfaction, you are ready to get started.

You will need to be disciplined and record all your expenses, as well as your income, regularly. Ideally, do it every day, or it is easy to start slipping. A software program with a mobile app where you can record expenses as and when you incur them is ideal.

Keeping track

Keep track of the payment method, eg cash, debit card, bank transfer, etc, and run a reconciliation at the end of each month. This way you can also track your own performance – for example, if you withdrew £300 in cash over the month and incurred cash expenses of £200, there should be £100 in your wallet. If not, there is something going wrong somewhere!

Also record the types of expenses, for example, mortgage, utilities, insurance, groceries, leisure, etc. You might be surprised at just how much you spend in certain areas.

Be honest with yourself and include those big ticket items too – only by analysing the big picture can you get a clear view of how to manage your finances better.

Start to reap the benefits

You are now in a position to understand what is coming in and what is going out. If there is an imbalance, set yourself a revised family budget that is within your means. This does not just mean economising on the finer things in life. You can also keep an eye on any cost fluctuations and spot opportunities for savings there – for example, heating costs are going to increase in the winter, but by analysing the figures you might see a way to take advantage of super saver oil deals during the summer months.

With a clear picture of your incomings and outgoings, the next step is to start saving. It is not always feasible for everyone, but add a “savings” line item as an expense, and give it a try. Ten percent of your income is a good starting point – see how it goes for a month or two, and you might just surprise yourself!

Tired? How your Home can Help you Recharge

People work a staggering 40 to 65 hours a week. Just thinking about it already feels tiring. They go to work fresh but come home crawling. Sad part? The day is not yet over. How can you recharge?

Working with Melbourne architects of Superdraft Pty. Ltd., I learned some hacks to replenish the energy I lost from work the moment I go home. It only took me a few new habits and a little redecoration. Here’s what I do:

Built another rest zone, other than the bed

Tho naps are proven good for your well-being, it’s not adapted by all companies and employers. It’s only acceptable when you work for yourself or when you’re awarded the opportunity to work from home.

If you can, always take a quick afternoon nap to recharge your body. It’s called a power nap. According to Professor Leon Lack of Flinders University in Australia, a 10 to 15-minute nap during the day is a key to improving mental health, employee performance, and alertness. Anything longer than that leaves you drowsy and groggy.

recharge light

With that in mind, sleeping in your bed might result to oversleeping and further inconvenience. I suggest creating spaces that are conducive to catnaps. Pick a spot where you can comfortably lounge and rest your body. A window seat outfitted with cushions or throw pillows is a great alternative to the bedroom.

Hide technology in the bedroom

It’s not just the kids who need to stow away their gadgets before bedtime. If you’re like me, guilty of browsing work emails and social media from morning until evening, this is going to be hard. Technology connected me to my work 24/7 and it makes me feel overworked and sleepy.

Studies conducted by Australia’s Sleep Health Foundation have shown that the screen of laptops, tablets, and mobile phones for up to five hours before bed affects the release of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is the hormone which makes us sleepy. With that in mind, the use of mobile devices in bed gives you serious sleep problems.

For a change, I put my phone in my bag and tried my best not to answer it unless it’s a text message or a phone call. I also store my phone and laptop in a flat surface (e.g. work table) that’s far from the bed. The distance will discourage me to get my phone at night and encourage me to get up to turn off the alarm in the morning. For those who have their home office in the bedroom, try separating the two areas using curtains and dividers.