Catering With a Difference at London Wine Week

The London Wine Week is one of the most entertaining events in London. It is a fantastic seven day festival that celebrates the wonderful London landscape and its wine. The last London Wine Week festival took place in May, 2016 filling the city with over 500 different wines along with events, pop-ups, long lunches and twilight banquets. The London Wine Week is one of the most popular drink festivals returning to London streets. It is a week-long celebration that entails countless events and it is something that wine lovers should not miss out on. It is one of those unmissable events that have been hosted by DrinkUp London- the wine experts who are behind planning the festival along with a series of top events attended each day. catering facilities are one of the most important parts of this event. There are a number of catering hire companies in London offering the best catering services at London Wine Week.

Advantages of Hiring Catering Companies for London Wine Week

Catering contractors in London are experiences and professional individuals dealing in different events starting from corporate to personal with London Wine Week being an exception. The catering hire companies in London offering corporate catering, birthday or wedding catering and they possess good expertise in offering the best catering services at the London Wine Week. They offer their best services within the shortest time. Hiring professional wedding contractors for a huge event like London Wine Week means making no compromises with the level and the quality of the catering service. Some of the benefits rendered by catering companies offering catering services for London Wine Week are as follows:

Polite and Experienced Staff Members

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that high quality catering services always help in creating the best impression on the guests. At such a large event like the London Wine Week, it is not possible to attend different people at the same time and therefore catering services become as important part of the event. Experienced caterers at this event are well-mannered and caring and they have an expertise in dealing with all the different varieties of people present for this high profile event. The catering service professionals deal with all the guests present in the most professional manner. This helps in creating an improved impression on the people leaving them satisfied and happy.

Experienced Handling of the Event

Catering services in London hired for serving the London Wine Week leave no stone unturned in offering their best at the event by handling the event in the most professional manner. The catering services or companies possess the capability of offering the right type of service at the event. It is to be noted that expert caterers at the event also offer perfect guidance and advice.

Special Deals and Offers

Professional catering companies in London also provide special deals and offers for the London Wine Week depending on the meal ordered for the event and the number of guests to be present for the event.

Going for a catering hire company for managing and handling the catering service at London Wine Week is always very important.

How to Keep your Household Finances in Order while Attending Engineering School

You’re embarking on a great career choice but have years of tight budgeting and tough financials ahead of you. You’ll be leaving school with prospects under your belt and you don’t want to sabotage your success by destroying your credit while you’re in school. We’re going to go over the best ways to keep your household finances in order while you work hard on your future.


Budgeting is a great habit to learn as early as possible. You won’t realize how much of your many goes to needless expenses and splurges until you’re tracking every dollar. This sounds daunting but there are websites and software programs that make this easy for you. Use them so you don’t get overwhelmed.

The basics of budgeting involve adding up your monthly expenses and working backwards. Consider monthly bills, yearly expenses like taxes and car registration, and weekly expenses like food and gas. All of these will need to be considered to stay on top of your finances.

Once you’ve identified where your money is going, make some changes. If you find your often short on money for a cell phone bill, cut back on your gas budget and commit to walking to destinations closer than 2 miles.

Feed yourself frugally

Don’t fall into the habit of ordering out and hitting the drive through when hunger strikes. While not recommended for sustaining life, an instant noodle diet will be so easy on your wallet it’ll be hard to spend more on food when you have the means. Think simply and frugally to keep your food budget to a minimum.

Schools offer very enticing meal programs but sometimes these are still twice or even triple times what you may be able to spend with strategic planning, a simple diet, and a little couponing. If you find yourself using the school’s cafeteria, take snacks and leftovers back to your dorm so you avoid spending on vending machines.

Learn to cook simple things and get a device like a rice cooker to make good, cheap, and healthy meals. Your body and wallet will thank you profusely.

Don’t fall behind in bills

It might be difficult to get into the habit of paying your bills religiously but it has to be your number one priority during these years. Being a student is not a big pause button on responsibilities in the real world.

If you find that your student loans aren’t covering all of your expenses while you’re in school, consider taking out a personal loan. Personal loans can provide you with the money you need now and the ability to take care of it later. For additional info, take a look at UK Home and Personal Loans or a similar website.

Create a network of support

As an engineering student, you’ll be fortunate to be surrounded by people in the same situation as you. Having a social life doesn’t need to break the bank and having the support of your peers will be invaluable as you complete your degree and navigate your financial situation. Get together for potluck dinners or boxed wine parties to keep your frugal life fun.

Interior Inspiration: 5 Vintage Chic Bedrooms

There’s just something about that classic ‘shabby chic’ look makes it the perfect fit for many people’s bedrooms. Not only are clean pastels the main affair, but it adds a touch of romance to your home where you need it most. A popular choice for ladies of all ages who want to add a countryside feel to their interiors, revamping your room to achieve the vintage look is a lot easier than you might think. Here are some great inspiration ideas for your cosy new space…

The main affair

First of all, the key to any vintage chic bedroom is a beautiful rustic bed frame, so visit vintage fairs, auctions and salvage yards for the perfect antique-looking frame, or go budget and check out your local homeware store for alternatives to will be perfect for your mattress. If you’re looking to decorate a twin room, a popular idea is to purchase single vintage bed frames and kit them out with comfortable and practical zip and link mattresses so that the beds can be pushed together as a double when expecting visitors with minimal effort.

Go crazy with the florals

Floral fabrics and distressed furniture go hand-in-hand with this vintage theme, so splash out on some fresh new bedding and matching curtains in your favourite muted patterns, or re-upholster an old armchair in floral fabric to bring it back to life. If you’re looking to introduce florals but don’t want to go too full-on, you could also keep things simple with vintage style material clothes hangers or floral doorknobs and dressing table fixtures.

Dial it down with pastels

Although keeping a white colour scheme is central to the shabby chic theme, don’t be afraid to introduce some colour to the room with complimentary muted tones like pale blues and dusky pinks. Not only are they calming colours that accentuate the cosiness of the space, but they’ll contribute to the overall look if you look for subtle patterns and details to add a pop of colour where needed.

Add a unique touch

The styling of your vintage bedroom is all about the little details you introduce, and nothing will feel more special than a DIY project that you will add that personal touch that’s unique to just your bedroom. A new project doesn’t have to cost the Earth to work on either, so get your craft gloves on and distress an old bedside table with vinegar to give it that old-fashioned feel, or put together some shabby photo frames from old leftover ceiling mouldings to arrange in a cluster for a feature wall.

Add some accessories

Of course no girly bedroom is complete without trinkets, so arrange some vintage perfume bottles on the dressing table or white wire accessories to really add the final touches. The inclusion of a shabby chic birdcage filled with a string of fairy lights that adds a soft glow to the room is always a nice touch too for bedtime reading – it’s all in the details!

Want a Family Friendly Car? We’ve got Your 2016 List

Every year, new awards and recommendations are given to vehicles in a fleet of automotive categories based on safety ratings, reliability, features, performance reviews, seating and cargo space.  The ever changing needs and types of families are as vast as there are families to fill the cars.  With the limitless assortment of vehicles on the market, there are, however, a number that have proven to take on this challenge with achievement.  Listed here is an attention-grabbing selection that have proven their worth in the world of family friendly cars for 2016.

Straight up car lovers

From compact to upscale mid-size, you can certainly find several sedans for a budget-friendly price and not skimp on space either.

In the compact category, not only has the Honda Civic been around for a long time, it also holds steady as one of best buys out there.  Up for redesign this year, it’s a sweet, little ride with high quality standard as well as excellent safety features.

family car

A close relative to the Civic but larger with a higher quality interior, the Honda Accord, stands strong with its overall power in the midsize category.  Comparable sedans are the Chevrolet Malibu with highly rated reliability and comfortable seating, while the Kia Optima presents itself as a fabulous buy for features and style.

If you’re going fully upscale in a midsize, check out the Mercedes-Benz E-Class where you’ll find a plush ride among this 4-option model series including sedan, coupe, convertible and wagon.

Criss-cross crossover

They’re all the rage these days and for good reason.  Easy to manoeuvre with space for hauling, these compact SUVs/Crossovers have a lot to offer.  Topping the list is the Honda CR-V, getting praised for performance, functionality and high resale value.  Hanging out among the top raters also include the Hyundai Tucson, Nissan Murano and Mazda CX-5.

Substantial SUV stock

Another Honda shows up on the scene as the midsized Pilot shows off an array of driving features and 3rd row spacious seating.  When it comes to 3rd row seating, the Nissan Pathfinder and Toyota Highlander are other head-turners that have been given accolades in 2016.

If you’re looking toward a luxury SUV, the Volvo XC90 is worth a glance with its elegant yet supportive seats giving it a high rating among critics.  In addition, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety bestowed it as a Top Safety Pick Plus.

How about a hatchback?

Don’t need the size of an SUV, but still haul your fair share of goods?  The Subaru Outback might just be your ticket to ride.  It gets kudos as a sturdy performer as well as for its standard all-wheel drive feature.

It may take a second look for you to consider, but the Kia Soul could be well worth it.  Favoured for being very budget friendly, you’ll find loads of passenger space and top notch safety ratings.

Count in the minivans

Both the Toyota Sienna and Honda Sienna perform as definite winners in their category for high crash test ratings, comfortable rides along with roomy passenger and cargo space.

While there may be no arguing with safety and reliability ratings, there are plenty of other key aspects that help a buyer make a selection.  Comparing ratings and reviews is a beneficial research tool, but there’s still nothing like determining a budget and taking plenty of test drives in order to make the best choice for your own family.

Getting Building Work Done On A Listed Property

The UK is full of listed properties, from beautiful terraced houses in central London, to sprawling country estates. These properties are full of original features and can be very attractive to potential buyers, making great homes for those who love historic styles. However, buildings that are listed have a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to having work done, and it’s important that the unique architectural features of the house be preserved. If you live in a listed property and want to get building work done, here are some things to think about.

Get planning permission

Whether you need planning permission will depend on the kind of building job that needs to be done. It’s important to find out if you need planning permission early in the process, as it can take time for it to be granted. The rules are different depending on whether your home is grade I or II listed, and can vary in different areas. It’s usually best to pick up the phone and speak to the council of your London borough to get some informal advice.

Some things you might need planning permission for include:

  • Extensions of all sizes
  • Removal of fencing or walls
  • Painting
  • Repairs
  • Addition of outbuildings

If in doubt, it’s always best to enquire with your local council. If you carry out work without planning permission on a listed building, then the council can insist that you reverse the works in future. Avoid this by always checking first.

Find a local builder

Finding a builder who is based in the local area has many advantages. Not only is it more likely you’ll get a friendly, personal service, but it’ll be more likely they’ve worked on properties of a similar style to yours. For example, if you live in an area such as Kensington or Chelsea, you’ll want a builder who has worked on Georgian homes, whereas those who live in the City area might live in a more modern listed building. Thomson Local is a good place to check for builders in the London area, and many of the builders on the site will have worked on historic and listed homes, so can show you a portfolio of their work on similar properties.

Do some research

Keeping the integrity of a listed building is important, and you’ll want to ensure any changes are in keeping with the time period. Do some research on design trends of the time, and try to keep the décor in a similar style.

Carrying out building work on listed properties can be a complex process, and that’s why it’s important to work with local builders who know all the rules and regulations. Living in London means you’ll enjoy a choice of historic properties with original features, which is aesthetically pleasing, but means you’ll have to work around them to keep up with rules and regulations. Be sure to check any planning regulations before the work begins, and find a builder who has the necessary experience.

10 keys to choose flower for your wedding

The choice of flowers for a wedding is a very personal matter. You can delve into the meaning of each flower, its recommended uses, and the combination that best harmonizes with every place … but at the very end, the important thing is to be comfortable in one of the most memorable events of your life. Those responsible for the hotel can help.

To guide you previously, we’ll offer some tips to advice on the flowers that will decorate and attract your wedding. You must ensure best flowers sydney collection to you use it in your wedding.

  1. If we talk about flowers at a wedding, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is the bride bouquet and incidentally, also carrying flower boutonniere groom.There are many types of classes as styles of brides.Defines the style of bride (depending on your dress or clothing groom) and it will be easier design for a bouquet, a bouquet of wildflowers, classic and elegant roses … Of course, there are many colors as images.
  2. The bride may not be the only branch of the ceremony.You can choose whether your bridesmaids carry one. You can combine the color of yours with the ladies, for a beautiful set of shades.
  3. The place of the link should dress emblazoned equally the bride and groom.Therefore, hydrangeas, roses or camellias are successful for traditional weddings; and orchids, lilies and tulips, for modern.
  4. When the couple have given the expected “yes I do”, comes the turn of the reception of the newlyweds at the gates.Besides the traditional rice it has become fashionable trend of throwing flower petals .Tradition says that throwing things to the new couple means sharing the happiness with your guests.
  5. The banquet decoration is very important.It involves the decoration of the place where all your guests spend most of the celebration.You must find the right measure to avoid overloading the area.
  6. Do not place large center pieces that prevent your guests can talk quietly?
  7. the most successful is to choose own flowers of the season, so they will look its best.
  8. All details count, so you can choose to pick a flower, as part of your bridal headdress. They can further enhance your look: there are from daring to minimalist or rustic…
  9. Note that the flowers are not only a decorative element, but also stimulates smell.The jasmine give off a fragrance.
  10. Finally, remember how important is choosing the right flower as its color.For example,yellow roses signify jealousy, so avoid them at your wedding .

Flowers are a natural, simple and very original element to complement the perfect wedding. Choose the right, with time and patience.

Caring for your New Fireplace

There is something quite wonderful about a real fire. It really is a living thing that is constantly changing and always beautiful to look at.

The joy of a natural fire is something that more and more people are discovering. As a result, new fireplaces are being built across the country.

They look great, but if you are lucky enough to have one built in your home there are a few things you should be aware of. If you want to enjoy your fireplace for many years to come, you need to bed it in properly and know how to take care of it.

fire place

Allow it to dry out properly

At first, you need to resist the temptation to set a full fire. Your first few fires should always be small. This is the case even if the fireplace was installed months earlier.

Stone and wood both hold moisture. If you set a full fire, the heat from it will be too fierce. The moisture in the materials the fireplace is built from will be drawn out far too quickly. When that happens, you increase the risk of cracks and fissures developing.

Never over fuel

You also need to be careful not to put too much fuel on your fire. Doing so is wasteful, and you can damage the flue, as well as increase the risk of a chimney fire.

Clean the surround every week

Fires generate fine dust, which gets into the pores of the stonework or the grain of the wood. It is very important to keep this out. Once it gets in it becomes difficult to remove. Therefore, every week, you should dust the fireplace surround as well as the mantelpiece.

This advice also applies to antique fireplaces. If you have had a restored fireplace or a reproduction one installed you need to treat it in the same way you would a brand new, modern fireplace.

What Should You Know About Dental Bridges?


There are so many situations in which teeth are lost because of decays, accidents or infections and gaps between teeth can appear due to many other reasons. Replacing or gapping teeth with dental bridges is something that is quite common at the moment. This is a practice that is available at any dentistry clinic but it is interesting to notice that most people do not actually know much about it.

Dental bridges are considered by most specialists as the best possible solution in replacing missing teeth or teeth that have to be removed. They are fused between 2 crowns made out of porcelain. The bridge will offer a complete and perfect smile while restoring the ability to eat normally, not just looks.

In the past, people that had problems had to deal with unattractive smiles and an impossibility of having a normal dental structure. The solutions were simply not there when teeth were spaced, misaligned, chipped or stained. Nowadays, there are many aesthetic dental treatments that are available and that can practically correct anything from smile flaws to missing, cracked or discolored teeth. All that you really have to do is go to the dentist and ask.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is basically a false tooth that is used to create an aesthetic and healthy smile. It is practically a prosthetic that is utilized in cosmetic dentistry in order to bridge gaps in areas that miss a tooth or a set of teeth. The bridge is made out of 2 caps, crowns, and artificial tooth. The dentist will permanently fix the crown and the natural smile is reformed.

The great thing about cosmetic dentistry is that it keeps evolving. We now have access to dental technology that is cutting edge. This includes 3D imagery and even computerized x-rays. The experts can create an accurate dental restoration. This does include dental bars, full crowns, abutments, onlays and inlays. The result is practically a highly natural appearance. This is what most people want.

Main Dental Bridge Types:

  • Traditional bridges
  • Cantilever bridges
  • Maryland bonded bridges

Dental Bridge Advantages

The most important advantage is that the procedure is really simple now. It is fast and just requires a couple of visits to the cosmetic dentist. The result is natural in terms of appearance and facial tone is maintained. Whenever maintaining proper oral hygiene, the dental bridge will actually reduce the possibility of facing gum disease and tooth alignment problems.

Dental Bridge Disadvantages

In some cases it is possible that the tooth will become highly sensitive to temperatures that are extreme. This happens for some weeks after you get the treatment done. You can end up with some complications in the event that you smoke and dental bridges can fail when poor oral hygiene continues. Natural tooth structure removal is normally necessary when adding a dental bridge.

On the whole, dental bridges are highly useful. You want to seriously consider the opportunity whenever the dentist recommends it since by following indications, results will last for a lifetime.