Inspiration to decorate the living room

Sometimes we have very clear what kind of decor you want to achieve, such as colors, prints, furniture and accessories we would like to use, but do not know where to start.

In blog we want to help and that is why we have selected for you some tricks that will help you find the inspiration you need for your home. This time we look at the living room, whose purpose is to provide moments of relaxation and rest. To decorate it has been said!


The decoration of any corner of the house should reflect our personality and our tastes and interests. So we must pay close attention to every element, every piece of furniture, each add … And of course, also the colors that we will use.

In decoration, color psychology is very important to convey certain emotions and sensations. For example, in rooms like the kitchen where we need a lot of energy, you should go for bright, vivid colors. While in rooms intended for rest as in this case the living room, we should opt for clear and warm hues. You need to find a good building and design company for your dream home here building companies sydney is a good one for your desired dream home.

The off-white, bone or ivory, pale pink, sky blue, beige … A wide range of light colors that can be used to decorate the living room light and airy and win. While most cheerful colored accents can be achieved with the help of accessories such as cushions and carpets.

Another detail that you should consider is the sunlight, as important as the furniture and fittings. So we must choose large windows that let light pass with lighter shades. The light textures freshness help us win at home.

Order and distribution

Another important aspect you should also consider is the order and distribution of your living room. Ideally, this room is flexible, without obstacles that bother us and prevent the passage. That is, it is well organized living room furniture considering our possibilities to receive guests and make them feel at home.

If your room is square, a decorative solution is U-shaped distribution or placing two opposing sofas with a coffee table. While in rectangular rooms, nothing better than having a sofa chaise lounge. That is, an L-shaped living room.


Light is another very important aspect to consider. Experts recommend we put point lights to create a reading area, for example on both sides of the couch or near an armchair with floor lamps.

And when we watch TV, we recommend placing a desk lamp behind the sofa or chair where we sit, as well do less eyestrain while watching TV. However, in light of the table lamp does not bother us so much.

The detail that we consider is the furniture and accessories that will be used to put the final touch of style. ¿A lounge classic, romantic, vintage, rustic, modern …? Try to get some harmony in all your elements to achieve a balance of style.

To decorate the living room, a detail that should not be overlooked is that the sofa is the protagonist part of our room. In fact, according to Feng Shui, the location of this element is essential to achieve a warm and welcoming decor and get the energy to flow properly.

Organize Your Life. Start with Your Laundry Room

Home organization isn’t just about aesthetics. When your rooms are uncluttered, they’re useful. You can find the things you need, and you have space for work and for play. A cluttered home leads to stress and anxiety, where a clean and organized one makes you feel like you’re on top of things—like you’re ready to tackle any and all challenges.

That’s why it matters to bring organization to every part of your home—not just the rooms visitors see! Take the laundry room. When you take the time to whip your laundry room into shape, it makes your household duties so much easier to complete!

Of course, actually getting a laundry room organized can be easier said than done—but there are some simple tips any homeowner can use to reduce the clutter and maximize useable space.

Getting Your Laundry Room Organized

A few of those tips:

  • Do you have a utility sink in your laundry room? If so, start there. Get the space clean and clear so that you can actually make use of the sink assembling your cleaning products on the wall behind or adjacent to the sink.
  • Create a family command center. Take just a bit of wall space to hang a pegboard, bulletin board, or other apparatus you can use to hang keys, place family members’ mail, post weekly menus, share schedules for each family member, and so on. Use your laundry room to get your family organized!
  • Use whatever wall space you can spare for open shelving units—ideal for housing not only your laundry supplies, but all household cleaning supplies. Make these important items easy for you and your loves ones to grab and use.
  • A little bit of tasteful home décor can make the laundry room a much more pleasant place to spend time in—but remember to use only décor that will hold up against water. You don’t want to have a big water spill in the room, but accidents happen, so be prepared.
  • Remember that while you’re doing laundry you’re going to be going through pockets and—more likely than not, especially if you’ve got kids—finding coins lingering in clothes. Have a jar or bucket handy where you can deposit these items.
  • Additionally, you’ll want to have a small wastebasket where you can easily empty lint traps or get rid of the little bits of trash that you may find in pockets.
  • If space is an issue—and in laundry rooms it often is—consider placing some racks behind the door, where you can easily and discreetly stash cleaning supplies and other items.


Be strategic in how you use your laundry room space—and in doing so, get more use out of your laundry facilities!

Steps To The Pool Water In Good Condition

The heat has arrived and with it the desire and need to -of those who are not lucky enough to live by the framework of going to the pool. It is estimated that there are a million pools in Australia, of which 6% are communal. The pool has been more or less abandoned for the rest of the year and now it’s put up. It is not just that the water looks clean, but it is and tailored to our needs. Here pool inspections in Brisbane company experts doing great work for pool inspection.

PH adjustment: The first step to get clean, clear and skin friendly water is to regulate the pH thereof. The correct value should be between 7.2 and 7.6 to ensure that the other measures applied function effectively. Tablets chlorine, salt electrolysis and active oxygen used to disinfect water If the pH of the water is too high, bathers may suffer irritation of the skin and eyes, the effect of disinfectants decrease, lime scale is formed and not muddy the waters. Conversely, if the value of the pH is too low will increase the risk of corrosion, there will be a deterioration of the glass, and irritation of eyes and skin can also occur.

Disinfection of water: Water from our pool can become the ideal means of life for a variety of microorganisms. The important thing is to maintain the free chlorine residual between 0.5-1.0 ppm in the water to be disinfected and have disinfectant power. In this way, we will avoid the cloudy water and algae appear.

To maintain continuous disinfection process throughout the bathing season there are several methods are chlorine tablets, apparatus or active oxygen salt electrolysis. In case of encountering any problems turbidity or algae, always take a shock treatment with granular dichloride and add liquid flocculant, in order to recover good water status. After applying the product, it is important to filter for a few hours, possibly brush the walls and floor of the pool , and wait 12-24 hours to precipitate the impurities, and by bringing all the precipitate cleaner directly to the drain without passing through the filter. It is also important to remember that the addition of chemicals should always be performed in the absence of bathers.

An algaecide regularly will prevent the appearance of algae prevention If you do not want algae run free in our pool, it is advisable to apply a algaecide regularly. Algae are an element ideal for growing fungi and bacteria. In addition, solar radiation and heat of summer own favor its appearance. The addition of algaecide must be accompanied by the presence of disinfectant, such as chlorine or bromine in the water to get a synergistic effect of both products and increase efficiency the algaecide. Crystal clear water in pool turbidity may appear.

The causes are problems of high pH, poor filtration, counter-washes ineffective filters and algae growth, manifested in many cases by the presence of tiny particles suspended in the water. Adding a flocculant causes larger particles, so that the filter can hold, and thus clarified water, also removing the oxidized metal ions filter alone it is unable to retain. Care filter Good care the pool filter will allow us to apply the chemical treatment more effective. A dirty filter, water quality worsens and increases consumption of chemicals. In addition, germs then spread by water multiply. To keep clean the filter backwash and we have to do to clean and disinfect the sand once a year before the start of the bathing season.

What To Consider When Landscaping

Landscaping can be a really big project and you want to get it exactly right. In fact the average person will spend around £30,000 on their garden in their lifetime. Not only can having your garden landscaped make your home more aesthetically pleasing, it can also add to the value of your home if done well. When it comes to planning how your garden will be landscaped, it can be overwhelming because there is a lot to think about. If you have a think about these few points, the whole process won’t seem as overwhelming.
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