Clean your bathroom in 5 minutes

Keep bathroom cleaning under ideal conditions is not that hard. Actually we do not need more than five minutes to get it clean, shiny and with a wonderful smell. Depending on the number of people living in the house must be cleaned the bathroom with varying frequency. For a normal family is best cleaned every day, if only one or two person cleaning can be spaced every two or three days live. For heavy and big cleaning work high pressure cleaning Perth is working great for you.

This routine kept clean as often as you have suggested will have the bathroom always in perfect condition. So provide for yourselves Alka-Seltzer effervescent antacid or other disinfectants, glass cleaner wipes, a microfiber cloth and a brush and cleaning lanzaos the rumpus.

Minute 1: Take two tablets of Alka-Seltzer effervescent antacid or in the toilet and let it act. This traditional pharmaceutical form used to combat heartburn for many years you can help keep your toilet odor clean, fresh and free. Removes dirty towels and leave them for now in a corner. Collect items that are usually left in any way, anywhere, combs, brushes and more. Take the opportunity to throw the soap scum and empty containers.

Minute 2: Wet the microfiber cloth and put it on a broom, she cleaned the cobwebs and dust from the ceiling and the door frame. Rinse and wring. With a disinfectant wipe reviews the light switch and soap.

Minute 3: Spray cleaner on the mirror and clean them with a cloth. Also reviews the surface of the sink cabinet. With a disinfectant wipe clean all surfaces that usually we play with our hands, tap, knob or door handle and more.

Minute 4: Take another towel and clean the toilet tank and command. Following is the top and the other part of the toilet uses for it all the wipes you see fit. Brush the inside of the toilet brush and flush the toilet.

Minute 5: Place clean towels and passes a disinfectant wipe the corners. Drag and drop to the floor out and empty the trash. You will have your room spotless bathroom in just five minutes.

Checkout the availability of Reasonable Synthetic Grass for outdoor living

Gardening is one of the major favorites of people who own extra space in the vicinity of their house. It is because the surrounding areas of the house essentially need to be decked up in a proper manner in order to ensure healthy and aesthetic living of the inmates of the former. The activity of gardening has been into existence since ancient years and with the time and technology, ways and means of carrying out this activity have been highly developed and various interesting options have been coming up over years, so as to make outdoor living even more beautiful and serene. Among the various options that can be made use of, while decking up the outdoors, the synthetic grass is one.

synthetic grass

Characteristic features of synthetic grass:

On defining synthetic grass, it can be defined as a kind of artificial grass made out of fibers so as to deliver a natural look. This kind of an artificially made turf has been in use since many years and the most significant application of this that has been in prevalence since many years, in the areas where sports activities are practiced on a wide scale. However the fact remains that with time, the utility of artificial grass has been going up and that in the modern day, these grasses are widely used in residential areas, in order to deck up the lawns and other vacant areas attached on to the main house. This type of grass delivers a magnificent appearance to the outdoors, being it at home or in office and here it has to be mentioned that commercial applications of these are no less important.

Why use artificial turf in place of natural grass?

Synthetic grass is one of the most common options when outdoor living is concerned and this is because of its easy maintenance. They do not need to be trimmed and brought in shape from time to time. One has to spend no time irrigating the areas where these have been planted. These make a perfect option on grounds that are fully covered or are semi-covered because even the lack of sunlight does not affect the health of these artificial grasses; however, it must not be missed out that they require proper cleaning at regular intervals. Initially when artificial turf was brought into use, it did not have any infill whatsoever, and was likely to enhance the chance of contaminants in the environment. But with time, these kinds of grasses have been replaced by advanced products which use sand and even mixtures of recycled rubber and sand as their infill, that give in for much less pollution at an overall basis.

Major applications of synthetic grass that are in prevalence in the modern day are as follows:

  • In stadiums of games like baseball, golf and hockey
  • In snowboard and ski
  • In gardening and landscaping
  • In airports

It is on account of these wide scale utilities that manufacturing and giving out artificial grass has emerged as a prominent business venture for those professionally engaged in the activity of gardening, landscaping and outdoor living. The business heads offer good quality products against reasonable charges, thus helping people to deck up their lawns and playgrounds in an innovative manner. Installation of the turf is got to be done by concerned professionals and that the basic charges that will be included in the entire process will be the price of the grass, charges for installation, labor charges, and fees on operation, exclusive of the profit margin of the concerned company.

However, synthetic grass is affordable and hassle-free means of outdoor living in modern households. Let’s have a look for more information about Synthetic grass.

Saturday Soapbox #8: Don’t Text and Drive

The message is simple people. DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE.



A week ago, my four boys and I took a road trip to northern Illinois to spend some time with my parents, to celebrate Thanksgiving early, and to go to the dentist. (What? You don’t drive 3.5 hours to go you your dentist? Then you obviously don’t have mine. He’s awesome.)

Most of this drive is interstate, and  that means 75+mph on two lanes. Fridays are the worst because people are headed somewhere. Like us, people were headed home for Thanksgiving or were just trying to make it home for the weekend. There’s definitely more aggression and distraction on Fridays.

Like the driver of the tractor trailer that damn near ran us off the road for instance.

I’m sure he was probably heading to his last drop-off before heading home for the weekend. Or maybe he was was trying to finish up so he could take a long-awaited week off with his family. Maybe he was just trying to stay awake.

Whatever he was trying to do, what he almost succeeded in doing was to put us into a guardrail as his rig swerved into our lane.

Punkin could see the driver from his seat. “He has ear buds in Mom, and he’s messing around with his iPod.”

It reminded me of an older man, I’d say a salesman by the number of shirts and jackets lined up on the pole strung from the hangers in his back seat, that I saw as we drove on Highway 20 last year. Being higher up than most in my Expedition, I could see down into his car. He was eating with one hand, drinking a coffee with the other while steering with his knee. There was a paper spread across the steering wheel, and a cell phone up to his ear.

I kid you not.

Did I mention he was going about 70 mph?

That’s some scary shiz. It scares the hell out of me if you really want to know.

No, I’m not a saint. I’ve taken calls in the car. Back in the day I texted while driving. But I have some serious cargo these days, and so do other people. There is no text or call worth hurting or possibly killing myself, my children, or any other person. You know what else I’ve realized? I’m not invincible or immune. Accidents can happen to me and mine just as they can to you and yours.

As an FYI, as of January 1, 2014, hand held cell phones will be banned in Illinois–no talking, no texting (which has already been banned) if you have to hold your phone.

Next time your cell rings or you hear a text notification, think about how important that call or text really is. Is it worth losing your life? Is it worth causing someone else to lose theirs?

This infographic is worth a look. I want to point out one thing ahead of time. The statistic for teens says that 13% admitted to texting or talking on mobile devices at the time of a crash. How high do you think that number really is?


Small Business Saturday

Let’s talk about Small Business Saturday. I know you were expecting a Wellness Wednesday, but that will return next week.

This Saturday (November 30, 2013) is Small Business Saturday. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, Small Business Saturday is a day to support and celebrate small businesses for all they do around our country.

Being a Small Business owner myself (You can read more about M-Powered Lifestyles here.) and having grown up in a small family business, it’s easy for me to understand the impact of consumers choosing to frequent small businesses over larger companies.

But why should you spend your hard-earned money at local businesses?

For every $100 spent at small locally owned businesses (including locally owned franchises), $68 stays in the community, while only $43 out of $100 spent at big box stores stays in the community. And there’s more:

  • Small businesses tend to take care of their ‘regulars’. You may be able to receive perks such as a heads-up on future sales, special pricing for bulk orders, and service above and beyond what the shop is responsible for.
  • When making purchases, you may be able to haggle on price (if done politely and quietly), or you may be able to receive things such as free delivery and removal with your purchase (as is the case with a local appliance/furniture store we’ve dealt with for years).
  • Service: Small businesses want you to come back and care if you’re pleased with your purchase. They are willing to listen to your needs, and help you make a decision based on that. They don’t want you to have a bad experience or end up with a product you don’t really need. If you’re not pleased, chances are they’ll do what they can to make it right.
  • Knowledge. Many small business owners and employees have worked in that business for years and are very knowledgeable about their services and products.

Here’s something else to think about: Small businesses don’t often receive the tax incentives that the big box stores receive which simply draw more money away from the local communities. In Illinois, school districts are funded through real estate tax revenues, which will be lower when large businesses are given tax breaks (property taxes usually).

I could go on and on about why you should frequent small business, but I don’t want to lecture.

Shop your small local businesses this Saturday (and any other time you can). You’ll be enriching your entire community in the process.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!