I’m taking a vacation

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas or simply a great day with your loved ones.

I’m taking a small vacation from blogging, but wanted to remind you of a couple things.

First, the Family Friday Link-up is still live! You can link-up your family friendly posts here.

Next, don’t forget to enter my giveaway for *free* wellness coaching. You can win one of 5 individual 3 month wellness coaching packages or one of 5 spots in a group wellness coaching 3 month program beginning January 20, 2014. The giveaway is below, and winners will be notified by January 3, 2014.

Also, now’s the time to start on your SMART Goals! You can read about them here (and use the free printable)!

Lastly, make sure to come back here January 1, 2014. I have another great surprise for those who didn’t win the giveaway but are still interested in letting me help Make 2014 the Year of the Best You!

New Year, New You!

Happy New Year everyone! I just love January 1. Even though it’s just a date on the calendar, there’s something to be said for the feeling of optimism, starting over, and creating new goals for the year to come.

One of the most common ‘resolutions’ made is for people to lose weight. Well, I say stop making that resolution and make being healthy a PRIORITY for 2014. Make 2014 the Year of the Best You!

My giveaway for 3 months of wellness coaching just ended, and if you didn’t participate in that or didn’t win, I’ve got a solution for you.

First though, for those that are new here, let me tell you what a Wellness Coach doesn’t do:

  • A Wellness Coach doesn’t give you a plan to follow.
  • A Wellness Coach doesn’t tell you what to do.
  • A Wellness Coach doesn’t do the work for you.

A Wellness Coach does:

  • work with you to discover what YOUR version of wellness looks like.
  • listen to what that is and helps you create a goal or a series of small goals to help you reach that place.
  • guide you in creating an action plan to move you toward your goals.
  • hold you accountable in whatever form works best for you.
  • take into consideration the whole ‘you’ and looks at areas outside of wellness (relationships, career, etc) to help you discover how one area of your life may be affecting others.

Why would you need a Wellness Coach?

There are many reasons people seek the help of a Wellness Coach. The top reason is weight loss. You know the drill-you’ve tried all the fad stuff, but nothing has worked long term. Or, you just can’t seem to lose a pound no matter what you do.

Other reasons are suspicion of food sensitivities, unexplained or excessive bloating, fatigue, and ‘cloudy’ brain. Some people want help with feeding their families healthier food or encouraging their kids to eat better and move more. Some may want to address issues of sugar dependence, depression and anxiety (all of which are often related). Even others have issues that conventional medicine hasn’t been able to help with.

Perhaps you’d like the help of a Wellness Coach, but you just can’t afford the $200 a month fee.

I’ve been there. I’ve wanted to take advantage of a program so badly but simply didn’t have the money in the budget for the program fee. You’ll hear coaches of all kinds say that if you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way. Sometimes there just isn’t $200 in the monthly budget for a coach no matter how badly you want it!

I don’t want you to go into debt in order to receive coaching, and I don’t want to take advantage of people in order to make a buck.

For me, it’s not a matter of ‘charging what I’m worth’ (which is what every coach of any type is told to do). It’s about getting the message of wellness out to every working mom, stay at home mom, single mom, every woman on a budget. (And for the record, I work with men as well…especially dads!)

Here’s my solution.

I’ve reworked my coaching fees for programs purchased during the months of January and February. Instead of charging $200 a month like I have been, I am drastically reducing my monthly rates.

Here’s how it goes:

For a 6 month individual program (12 sessions), the monthly fee through January is only $75. Pay in full and the cost drops to $400. (Compare that to the regular 6 month cost of $1200!) Programs must be committed to by January 31, 2014, with the first month’s fee paid within 7 days of commitment and sessions scheduled to begin by March 30, 2014 to receive this very special price. If, after your 6 months are up, you choose to continue with coaching, the same reduced fee will apply.

For a 6 month group program (12 sessions), the rate has dropped from $100 to $50 a month. That’s only 10 lattes! Groups are done in a rotating fashion so that new clients may begin with the current group at the beginning of each month and still receive the full program. Two group times will be offered-Monday evening and Saturday morning.

For those who have won the giveaways (winners will be announced after they have accepted the prize), the above rates will also apply if they choose to continue with 3 additional months.

What if you’re not sure you’d like to purchase a full program? You can make an appointment for a complimentary 30 minute Wellness Consultation to see if we’re a good fit.

Are you ready to dive in or still needing more information?